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It is an archi-popular service of movies and unlimited broadcasts, available on all your intelligent devices, televisions and video game consoles, always in “streaming”. Among their current selection, we have sorted out to present the 7 best food costing software documentaries currently available on the platform.

  1. Three stars *** 
    Three stars gives us intimate access to the daily life of 9 chefs on 3 continents, each winner of the famous Michelin stars. The documentary will allow you to better understand the true lifestyle of those who cook at the highest level, their successes, their sorrows and their ways of seeing the world of restoration.Delicious!

  2. Food inc. 
    The food documentary that opened the door to so many others. Nominated for an Oscar, the documentary provocative Food inc. Unveils the American food industry and its disastrous effects on human health and the environment. No matter what your allegiance, this documentary leaves no one indifferent.

  3. Food Matters  
    This film observes our current dietary habits and their effects on our nutrition. Bringing together several known experts (and others to discover) on nutrition, Food Matters will take you to watch your pantry and your refrigerator in a different light. Guaranteed.

  1. TED Talks: Chew on This
    Between the discovery of Dan Barber from an ethical foie gras producer and Jamie Oliver’s intervention to better feed schools, the international reputation of TED conferences seems well deserved, Acts as a food. Easily the best value for money, with its 14 mini-conferences of less than 20 minutes each.

  2. The Chocolate Farmer
    Incursion into the life of a Cocoa farmer in the oldest regions of Belize. Between his family and the communal farm, the producer, descendant of the Mayans, disarms you with his perception of the world, the life and the challenges that globalization brings. A rare preview, produced by the National Film Board (NFB).

  3. Hungry for Change
    A somewhat alarming look at the consumer’s helplessness towards what one eats, too often influenced (more than you think) by the mass-food industry. A revival for some, the scope of industrialization and food marketing is dissected by a group of people as interesting as different from each other.

  4. Farmageddon
    Ouias, with a name like that … Nevertheless, the content is absolutely fascinating! A documentary that tells the stories of farmers and farmers who refuse to embark in food industrialization, resisting the “Monsantos” of this world and the disturbances (legal, security and judicial) that their approach engenders. Secret agents, legal passes and seizures in a public market. It’s brewing!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Local Solutions for a Global Disorder
    Surely the movie that most captivated me and informed about the current state of nutrition, challenges, consequences and possible solutions. Formerly on Netflix, it is this film that I recommend beyond all others. One could say that it was this film that convinced me to get involved, on the food side. To have.
    In French  and English; Good food, Bad Food .

  • Mondo Vino
    The sympathetic masterpiece by Jonathan Nossiter, who explores the world of wine and wine in the world in 2004, as well as the trends brought about by globalization. With the greatest personalities of the wine world (Robert Parker, Michel Rolland, Aimé Guibert, Bernard Magrez, Robert Mondavi, etc.). You do not regret.

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