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The best thing to lose weight is to see scary movies

Normally we prepare scary movie sessions on Halloween nights , but if you knew a few things that we’ve heard about, it’s sure to become your favorite genre. Popcorn in this case is not a problem, because these films involve a surprising loss of calories … all product of our fear! This is revealed by a study by the University of Westminster and which reveals that the number of calories consumed in a horror movie is, in many cases, the same as those burned in half an hour.

This surprising discovery is due to the fact that our body begins to produce physiological changes as a consequence of the release of adrenaline , which will cause us to lose appetite and increase the activity of our basal metabolism. Physiological changes occur in small moments of stress or fright that are responsible for this burning of calories, so no movie is worth … always the most afraid of you … the more afraid, the more calories we burn!

If you want to know which are some of the films that burn the most calories, do not stop reading … although keep in mind that the more calories you burn, the more afraid you will be. Are you ready?

Shark: 161 calories

We really believe that with this film we burn calories, because at no time we stop being in tension or having stress. Is that imagine in the middle of the sea with a shark stalking you … just thinking about it gives you chills, especially if you are one of those who always have the feeling that you have a shark around when you get into the sea. If you want to burn this amount of calories, you know … see all the shark movies you find! You have the benefit that at least they do not have paranormal things.

Paranormal activity: 111 calories 

Or also known as Paranormal Activity is one of these films that do not let you get off the couch, tells the story of a couple who is tormented by a strange entity inside their own home. From the strange situations they are witnessing, they decide to install a camera that captures the terror they are living. The movie is full of very tense moments and of course, a lot of fright , this will undoubtedly make us sweat . So if you are very scared and you think that later you would be unable to sleep at night, do not even bother to watch the trailer.

Saw: 133 calories 

If you are realizing the movies that keep you in tension are the ones that help you burn the most calories . And Saw is one of those, there is no time where you can relax and this allows us to burn 133 calories , which is not bad for a movie in this category. Do not worry, here there are no strange entities, but if you take some scare with certain faces and characters. The good thing about this movie is that there are six more, so imagine the amount of calories you burn if you do a marathon.

The Exorcist: 158 calories 

If you are very scared, again, we recommend that you do not see the trailer … then if you take a risk with the movie it’s your decision. It is a classic, since its premiere in the 70 has been considered one of the best movies in history in its genre. By its name you will already know, possessions and things that first we can not believe. It has made our hair stand on end and it has left us sleepless nights, what we have not been able to verify is if it burns this amount of calories, do you dare?

And the culmen we find it with …

The Radiance: 184 calories 

No doubt it has just become the favorite to enjoy a night full of terror. If 184 calories are burned, we do not want to imagine the tension and fear that we are going to experience. Tells the story of a child (if … we started with children … what a bad feeling!) That after moving to a hotel with his family begins to experience personality changes accompanied by paranormal events. The simple fact that there is a hotel and a child is already scary, so think twice before putting it on.

Burn calories is not easy, we know, but here we have found a practical way that only needs to be given to the play and we do not move from the sofa … are you going to try it?

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