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The 10 best tools for the management of marketing projects online

In the business world there is a growing tendency to work with remote computers, many of them freelanceWhen you work with remote computers online, then you realize that theemail is not an adequate tool. The main reasons are:

  • Not easy or not easy to maintain the necessary level of information and communication.
  • Traceability of discussions, lost reviews…
  • It does not allow an allocation and tracking of tasks.
  • You can not manage timelines, milestones and resources.
  • You can not share documents online.
  • You can not follow the progress of the tasks or the dedication of efforts.

Therefore, there is a boom in tools for online collaborative work, which provide instant communication and allow you to work in an environment of sharing and up-to-date information. These applications can be grouped into two main blocks: which help manage tasks (to-do list) and those that allow to manage projects. In this post we want to share with you the 10  best online project management software  that we have analyzed. The main features that bring these tools are:

  • File sharing in real time or not
  • Notifications
  • Monitoring of deadlines
  • Monitoring of costs
  • CRM customer relationship management
  • Billing
  • Wiki and version of a development management: Git or SubVersion
  • Chat, Conference in real time

1. ACTIVE COLLAB ActiveCollab is a very easy and intuitive tool. In a very agile manner, the project manager creates milestones and tasks and assigns them to the members of the team. Starting from there can maintain communications and notices and Exchange files easily. It also allows to write and answer from your email without being in the system. activecollab2

2. ASSEMBLA Assembla is an ideal tool if we talk about management of development projects. The key element is the system of tickets that are assigned to each Member of the team. Each ticket includes detailed information such as the level of complexity and working hours. It stands out for its Reportingcapabilities, including very useful reports to manage deadlines and resources. The principle is not as intuitive as others – requires an initial time of formation, but there are many tutorials. It is very good to work following type Scrum agile development methodologiesassembla2

3. BASECAMP , Basecamp is probably the most simple and intuitive. It has a sleek design, its visual interface allows quickly review discussions, tasks and files. It also includes a time-line and a calendar. It is possible to respond to arguments from the email (without access to the system). basecamp2

4. CENTRAL DESKTOP Central Desktop is a good tool in the cloud. Its main advantage is that it is very oriented to work in real time, since it offers instant messaging, online document editing and Conference website in real time. centraldesktop2

5. CONFLUENCE Confluence is a tool designed to facilitate the exchange of documentation, information and files. It provides a high level of Organization for large projects or organizations. It also stands out for its integration with Microsoft Office. confluence2

6. KAPOST Kapost is a perfect editorial management software for bloggers and writers working in collaboration. It is a room of virtual publication where users can submit a concept for an editor approves it. There are three types of users: editors, contributors and subscribers. Editors can approve, assign, and reject the ideas presented. Kapost also has a feature built into payments by mail, very interesting especially when working with a very diverse team and a results-based payment system. What brings Kapost is making for its users to more focus on concepts, to increase the quality of content. It’s like a room for real news where people participate in a brainstorming.


7. PRODUCTEEV Producteev functions as a task list online which alerts you in real time what is happening through email, Instant Messenger or iPhone. The team leaders can create a virtual workspace, invite collaborators, create tasks and assign them to people, add deadlines and generate the productivity report.


8. TEAMBOX Teambox is, like BaseCamp, one of the tools easier and more intuitive to use.It is very useful to organize collaborative projects. It helps you to easily manage the importance and priority of the tasks, and allows users to send updates on the progress of the project.


9. TEAMLAB TeamLab is a platform of free management for small and medium-sized businesses. Working with TeamLab is like having a social network in the company: you can create blog posts across the enterprise can see. It has also other social features, advertisements, surveys to collect public opinion, and many others. Members can even start their own discussions in the forums, and any member of the company can follow the activities or topics that interest you. Another notable feature is its internal chat.


10. TIMEDOCTOR Time Doctor is a tool focused on the time control. It includes an optional display to monitor remote employees, it automatically generates daily reports, you keep track of the web sites and applications that are used. In short, it allows you to track and monitor the actions of the user in your computer. For the more stringent with each euro which is paid,Time Doctor is your tool.


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