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Modern Gardens Ideas

For those who enjoy modern decor, and want to transport their gardens, today wepresent several photos and ideas of modern gardens , where they can draw some ideas.

Modern courtyard surrounded by walls, with cement paths and green plant beds

These types of gardens are characterized by being quite simple, as they are not overloaded with decorative elements. They are limited to paths, fountains, large planters, benches, and in all of them it is played with combinations and contrasts of colors. As for plants, they are characterized by following the trend, and being few in number, since designers prefer few plants but they are showy.

Modern Gardens with wooden floors, surrounded by stonecutters

A modern or contemporary garden is characterized by being elegant, stylish and sophisticated. They are based on the simplicity of Asian design practices. In general, more emphasis is placed on architecture and materials than on plants and vegetation. Repeating patterns and patterns are often used. The main idea is to create a garden that has a controlled and organized appearance.

Structural elements are used to achieve a minimalist look, with plants that are used as accents to provide contrast and color. All elements will work together in harmony.

Simple and geometric lines

In a typical modern paving design, the use of large grid patterns, straight lines and geometric shapes is included. Modern gardens are characterized by linking classic elements with objects and forms of modern garden design. The combination of natural objects with man-made elements such as fountains, benches, paths and ponds is basic in a modern garden. It is also important to maintain harmonious spaces to relax and connect with nature.

Using low maintenance plants and adding a raised wooden structure to the garden gives it a modern and natural look.

Patio with path and circular pergola, bank area

Soils in modern gardens

A covered area in the garden is a must for a modern space. You can use ceramic or concrete tiles. But if you use wood, to keep it in good condition, make sure it is always covered with sealant and protective material.

Large garden with tiled floor, table with parasol


In modern gardens, structural elements predominate, from materials such as concrete, brick and ceramics. Original colors and shapes. Usually, the use of plants is minimal but they are notorious as they are in charge of contrasting with the structured elements. The most popular plants in modern gardens are grasses and bamboo.
Small patio with mirror wall, stonecutters against the wall
The most popular materials for paving a contemporary patio are rectangular concrete paving stones and wooden tiles.

Glass and metal structures may also help. It is important to have vegetation that softens the elements.

Garden with stonework in the perimeter, table and chairs on central wooden floor

Fences and Walls

Several fences and walls will be added to the style of a modern garden, such as metal screens, horizontal wooden fences and gabion walls made of metal meshes filled with stone.

Footpath with side bench, stonecutters and wooden fences

Vegetation in modern gardens

Use architectural plans, textured, and use large flowerpots.

Patio with beautiful flower beds and relaxation area with armchairs

Modern fountains

Modern fountains use geometric shapes, simple materials and multiple jets of water.

Patio with round stonecutter and fountain


The use of stoves in the garden is very fashionable, especially for night use. Some designs even come in a table-type model with matching removable seats, making them perfect for small landscaped spaces.

Garden stove

In addition, they make a perfect space to relax in the open air and have fun with friends and family.

Patio with barbecue and armchairs

Colors in modern gardens

Choosing a strong color is another way to ensure that a garden is updated. For example in this photo, the rest of the colors help to highlight the rose, which also combines with flowers. Simple and modern.

A practical and easy way to give modernity to an outdoor space is through modern furniture and strong colors.

Small garden with armchairs and flowerpots

Original Designs

Another way to create an outdoor space with these features, is by using garden accessories of original designs. Colorful flowerpots of different sizes are perfect for giving an interesting touch to the garden. You must pay attention to the plants and flowers that go in them, as they must make a set full of contrasts in shapes and textures, but harmonious at the same time.


Lighting is another very important topic. You can use this type of torch type lamps, which are very decorative.
Garden led lights

Umbrellas and sunshades

Although the umbrellas can be seen very modern, fabric awnings are very fashionable and add a lot of style. Easy to hang (provided you have installed hooks on walls or trees).

Modern awnings

Garden furniture

When it comes to modern design, less is definitely more. Choose furniture with simple and simple lines, to create a minimalist space.

The seats worked in wire have also a very contemporary style, are perfect for indoor and outdoor use throughout the year, you can even choose a selection of colors to brighten your outdoor space.

Long rectangular outdoor table

Creating a comfortable space with elegant seating gives a lot of modernity to a garden. Lamps, cushions and plants give a plus to the decor.

Cement garden armchairs


Finally, art is an effective element to create a modern garden, in addition to adding color. It is important that you keep monochrome the rest of the elements so that the work of art is highlighted and be the center of attention.

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