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Marketing strategies for gyms

If we look at the TV commercials that are broadcast today, we see that most of them have in common two things:

• Focus on communicating benefits, much more than describe the characteristics of the product. Because they know that consumers do not buy features, but the benefits that a product can bring.

• Focus on seduction and emotion. Advertising must uncover “box feelings” of our target audience. COMMUNICATING EMOTIONS = = SELL. Most companies have realized that to stand out over the competition, the key is to build close relationships with your prospects.

Neuromarketing Recent studies that analyze the behavior of the brain in the buying process, have found that consumers’ attention is not captured by rational argument but through images that excite. In this publicity wave companies have entered different sectors: food, clothing, financial services, hospitality, automotive, tourism, etc.

As Belén López explains in his book Emotional Advertising: “Why is the image used in advertising Beckham, Ronaldinho, Nadal and many other athletes? Because these arouse emotions that we all share; remind us that we can achieve our goals more difficult they may seem. The media idols are facilitators of dreams. Within each individual lives a winner for active advertising that cause the public to identify. “

If we are clear that we do advertise our club and our services should arouse feelings in consumers, the next step is to analyze how sensitive fiber can play that and get to the emotions. For this you meet a new character named Sabone, and we clearly describes why customers buy:

• S: security: money back guarantee if I am not satisfied, proven in achieving objectives, physical and hygienic safety.
• A: affection possibility of establishing personal relationships with other clients, good relationships with the staff of the club, feel heard and understood.
• B: well: both general (health, energy, happiness), and at the level of utilization of the service (convenience and ease of use, speed, simplicity).
• O: proudly brand prestige, status, membership in an elite group.
• N: new: modern design, latest model, latest technology, new service or product that no one else has yet.
• E: economy, money, profitability, payback.

The factor “economy” is always present in any act of purchase, but buying a mobile is a restrictor. We all like to buy “good price”. Although we have financial constraints, we try to buy at the best price possible and even respond to offers of products not just because we feel we need to be “good value”.

Studies in other sectors, it was found that 73 percent of people buy products you do not need, simply because they perceive a good price / quality. When making a purchase that consumers considered “good”, he feels happy and have the feeling that you are saving money.

It’s worth remembering that what motivates a person to choose a gym or another is usually not the price, but aspects that have to do with proximity (welfare), recommendations from partners (security) or the environment (pride, welfare or affection). But not all individuals buy for the same reasons.

Therefore it is very important that the sales staff knows the club to find out at the beginning of the sales process the mobile purchase every potential customer knows and highlight aspects of the club they represent a solution tailored to that person.

Today consumers choose based on emotional criteria. For this reason it is very important to understand that we do not sell gyms, otherwise healthy people, fit, happy. As Santiago Rodriguez says in his book Creativity in Direct Marketing, “do not sell shoes, you have to sell pretty feet”.

What should we communicate?

The message that will be used must be clear, brief and easily understood. We need to develop the ability to uncover the box FEELINGS of our target audience to achieve a high response.


We have 2 to 3 seconds to impact our client and get their attention. That will be the first time that we will spend. If we fail in that time, we will have missed an opportunity.

To excite the recipient of our advertising, we communicate 1-3 advantages or benefits you receive because of us.

The information must be penetrated by the sense of sight, so we have to know how to choose the colors, typography, headlines and images to use to achieve the desired effect. Remember it is better to show a happy person doing physical exercise, rather than an image of the club.

In this regard, note that it is much better to communicate BENEFITS SERVICES. That is, it is preferable to emphasize concepts such as health, welfare, reduce fat percentage, quality of life, rather than enumerate: 2 meeting directed activities, indoor cycling, fitness, sauna, etc.

A simple and effective trick: hook or urgency
One way to get an immediate response to an advertising campaign is to use a hook (discount, gift, etc.), but with “expiration date”. Namely, we get the customer note the urgency to close the purchase on their first visit to the gym.

When a potential customer comes into our facility to learn that you have received our advertising, it has already done the hard part. We must be aware that if you have decided to come is because he is interested, but that interest and desire to start decay within 24-72 hours. For this reason it is essential that your salespeople are able to create that sense of urgency to close the sale (date of expiry, limited number of seats, etc.).

Different strategies to get the message
One of the most complex aspects of direct marketing is to capture the attention of people who might be interested in our service. All of us are bombarded daily by hundreds of advertisements. To avoid having to manage all this information in mind, we’re pretty impervious to most of these posts.

Only those who are able to capture our attention very quickly get through that filter that we have to protect ourselves. The rest bounces on that layer without that motivate us to action.

Here are several things to consider:

• Using more channels direct communication and less saturated. Sorry, email and SMS can be more effective than other media.
• Use original formats. A leaflet deposited in the mailbox may not arrive or leave the portal. However, a “hanging” on the latch of his door has already passed that first hurdle.
• Use quality materials. A brochure on low quality paper invites to be thrown away, but to access a card or a gift certificate club has a tendency to go into the pocket.
• Proper use of color and location of the photos and text in the message are also aspects to consider and have already been studied.
• Begin the message with a phrase or striking image, that sparks the interest or curiosity, it is also one of the keys to help you read our message.
• Emotional messages are usually more effective than those merely descriptive or technical. Therefore, it is desirable to use an emotional statement at the beginning and put inside the technical descriptions necessary.
• Within these emotional aspects, “benefits” that you will get should be highlighted, as well as “savings” in price that can be obtained. This last point should be evaluated thoroughly beforehand, since a steep discount could have a negative effect on the brand of the club.
• Experience has shown us that if we combine different communication channels, the result is better. Although we think that some of these channels is not effective, the effect of “noise” generated between them, is part of the success of the campaign.
• Viral Marketing, ie use existing customers to recommend us and bring new stakeholders, is one of the most used methods that work best in our industry.

Ideas to capture the customer NO

Sedentary people spend much of their free to “go out with friends” time, what they consider entertainment “movies, reading, music” or “rest”. People who do sport outside gyms do it for “fun” and “being with friends”, besides wanting to improve their Expert Personal rehab trainer in Sarasota and Longboat.

Then while attending gyms who want to get fit, those who want to have fun, socialize and improve their health are looking for other alternatives in the market. These alternatives are precisely the main competition of sports clubs in capturing these consumers.

How can we attract that group of people looking to have fun, socialize or improve your health? For turning the club into a place where everything that can happen and then communicating it properly to the outside. Definitely have to give consumers more reasons to come. So they can have fun, socialize, read, listen to music, playing video games and even learn to cook, while doing exercises.

How can we attract new customers to the club? The answer is clear, doing things differently. If we want to attract a new audience profile have to reinvent the club. Our purpose is not only to improve the physical condition of people. We must dare to make an offer of disparate services and be transgressors.

To achieve this we can use elements of leisure from other sectors and recognize once we’re in the entertainment business, we compete for the customer’s time with other offers – such as movies, TV, reading, video games, bowling, go cycling with friends, etc., and also played the lead, as the client using our services, and entertain and meet people, can simultaneously improve their quality of life.

(*) Consultant. Manager of Wellness & Sport Consulting.-


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