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Marketing online for photographers

A few weeks ago we told you through our Facebook page we had spent a pleasant day Sunday giving a workshop on web visibility to a dozen photographers , mostly specialized inwedding reportage . Well, today we want to share with you some of the images that this group of professionals immortalized the moment.

The intention of the conference was to give them the necessary keys to strategize web visibility , but not any one, but that which best suits their business needs . It is in the end justuse the Internet well and make the most of all the tools at our disposal. Only then can weachieve our potential clients to locate on the Internet, without much effort, our products or services .

It is clear that each sector is different and requires a specific approach that must be taken into account. Thus, a photographer will not use the same tools as an online boutique or a law firm.Therefore, this workshop had a special interest to his assistants, because he only talked about how to work the visibility of a professional sector in particular .

We want to thank Patricia Bara ( , Oier Aso , Aitor Audicana , Kepa López , Daniel Gonzalez ,Angel Conde , Asier Up, Pilar Toro , Iván Pérez and Asier Ramirez . You were excellent students.

We leave you with the photographs you we promised. Meanwhile we continue working on more workshops.

workshop for photographers.  Section on social media and content marketing


Photographers in the workshop positioning


SEO for photographers


Photographer in the workshop web visibility

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