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Marketing Automation for car manufacturers and dealers

Buying a car is a decision that usually has a relatively long cycle purchase. If manufacturers and dealers are able to communicate successfully during all phases of the cycle, they can get the user will eventually become your customer.

The main problem for a dealership is the large number of possible contacts that are generated from different media (landing pages, adwords advertising, advertising in directories, events, forms) but are at different stages of the buying cycle.

How to treat a person who is starting to look up information on cars of interest, is different from what to do when someone is detected in the run-time car buying.

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How you can help marketing automation brands and car dealers?

  • Through behavioral webpage dealer or manufacturer, downloads of technical conditions, visits to the pricing section, etc …. We can get to know the buying phase in which this individual web users. With dynamic segmentation we can act at every stage of the purchase process by customizing messages, for example sending curiosities about equipping particular car, technical tests, so that little by little each user proceed through the checkout process towards the car question.


  • Commercial management is made easier and more efficient. Through a scoring system each user is assessed and rated. When a user reaches a certain score you will be transferred to CRM and from that moment is the sales staff that manages it and finalize the sale. The efficiency of trade is usually multiply in these cases and sales volume as well.
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  • The marketing automation tools enable planning publications on social networks, centralizing much of marketing in one place. Social networking is where people spend more time so it is essential to have a well structured social strategy and a tool that allows maximum efficiency in the publication.


  • Creating landing pages and forms are designed to be personalized as possible and that the user experience is second to none.



  • Improve your customer service satisfaction. Let your customers when it is necessary to review when they have reached certain parts or when you have your car serviced and repaired. All from the same tool.


  • Knowing where they come from visitors that turn into sales is essential to promote the best channels. With marketing automation tools know all the steps taken by each customer since it first on our web, through the time when you register and reaching the conversion. The analysis of these data is crucial to optimize sales procedures.Ā helps you in choosing the marketing automation tool that best fits the needs of your brand or dealer also accompany you throughout the process of adaptation to success is secured.

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