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How to promote a cleaning business

When you start a new cleaning business, the most important factor is to make customers help you make your business successful and profitable. The possibilities are endless prospects. There owners of residential houses that need a weekly cleaning for your home as well as schools, universities and businesses that require a service that comes to vacate the trash, clean rest areas, vacuuming or polishing the floors. The only question is how to promote so that those customers can find you.


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    Creates a one-page flyer describing your business and the services you offer. Provide your contact information and keep the short and concise wheel. Include your logo or any other related cleaning image to add visual interest. Hand out flyers mailing it to homes and businesses or places copies on doors in your town. Leave copies of the flyer in the bulletin board of your community in supermarkets, community centers and schools.

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    Invest in ads for your car to show your company name, logo and contact number or website. Advertising on your vehicle can be effective to promote your cleaning business while driving through the village and other drivers see your car in traffic. You can buy magnetic ads that stick to the side of the car or advertising specially designed for windows that can be displayed on the rear window of your car for all to see.

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    Sort promotional material for your business service company local print or mail. Use a T-shirt promoting your business wherever you go so that others begin to see the name of your business.

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    Invest in traditional advertising in the newspaper. Place an ad in your local newspaper and periodically in neighboring villages. The newspaper advertising can be expensive, but still is an effective way to promote your business in your local area. Your customers will see your ad while reading the newspaper.

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    Offers promotions to new customers who have not hired your housekeeping. Dales for new customers a test with 50% off your first cleaned or create a catalog of gradual discount coupons for each cleaning of the first to fifth, and even beyond, if desired.Offers 10% discount on the first cleaned, 20% in the second and so on. Provides your existing customers a bonus for referring consisting of a discount on your next appointment or a free cleaning in exchange for a new customer you refer.

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