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Favorite team for ICC World Cup 2015

Finally, the long wait is almost over and people have started picking their teams. Some people go for their home nation while other goes for the favorite team for ICC world cup 2015. Usually, people grant their own team as favorites but the truth is a bit different. The game has gone to a higher level and competition is tough so it is very hard to call the game. No one knows which side the game turns and on what time it changes. The upsets are always hanging on the head in these types of competitions.

When we look at the teams competing, we will find that most of them are equally matched. There are two pools, Pool A, and Pool B, in which teams are placed. Each pool has equally strong teams and the teams that are yet on the road to establishing. The big guns like Pakistan, India, Australia, West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, England etc are up against each other. In this situation, when each team has potential game changers that can take the game in their team’s way anytime, it is too hard to call for a winner. The teams are equally matched and we are looking forward to a good fight in all the matches. Any team that will take the game lightly will be in danger.

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The favorite team for ICC world cup 2015 is a question that is unanswerable. The reason is each team has its own strength. There are teams that are comprised of fighters. Each team has its own strength. If one team is good with the bat, the other may have an edge in the bowling department. If one team is good at getting runs, the other may know how to stop runs. So each team comes with its own strength and their plans vary according to it. They make up the strategies to leave behind their opponents. They think for days and nights and practice for hours to achieve their goal. In this case, the one who work hard most and the one which will take the game seriously will have more chances of winning.

The fight is everything in modern day cricket and one which knows how to fight usually takes the game to their way. In the past, it has been observed that the teams which are not much favorite have managed to won just because they put up everything they had and fought till their last breath. Therefore asking for the favorite team for ICC world cup 2015 is like asking someone when this world will end. No one really knows what the outcomes are and what we will get to see on the match day. All people can do is make the prediction. The best way one can predict is simple. The team which does not loses hope and stay hopeful, which fight harder and leaves no stone unturned in their attempt of achieving the desired results will surely win their game. If a team loses even after giving everything they can offer, they are not considered as losers. Just hope that each game will contain fight and will give something to the spectators about which they can cheer.


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