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Last night and surprise news broke:  WhatsApp updated application and “finally” came the long awaited double check blue to confirm that our messages have been read. News that has caused quite a stir, even to make WhatsApp on trending topic all day on Twitter.

The fact is that not everyone is happy with this new “option”. And frame option in quotes, because as many of you have found,can not be deactivated , so we have to swallow, or yes, the mandates of the “all-powerful” WhatsApp .

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We have not posted anything this morning in reference to the application, because to me,  as an editor, I would like to know the opinion of my fellow Droid Panic and many of my friends . As I also spent the morning flipping through the first impressions of people on social networks on the above update. The issue is very clear, the reaction of the people has not been good , even to read opinions like: “It is a violation of privacy” or “what have we so controlled mania” . My opinion, shared by the other editors of this humble blog, is similar to what I’ve read. Personally, I think it is a step backwards rather than a utility that really violates our privacy. What has helped us to require, for so long, the power to hide our online status? Because you have to say is of little use to hide our last connection if our interlocutor knows what time we read messages . Personally, I think it is an attack on the right of users to hide their connections.


So important is to know when they have read your message? The people who worry excessively about the privacy of others, a two, or that your life is very sad and has to watch others or have much free time miss seeing past connections. Maybe you’re stopped at a light and it gives you time to read the message, but not respond. Or why not the same is that we do not want to answer, who knows ….

I think WhatsApp should backpedal and at least allow to disable that option. It is an attack on the privacy of people in the making. You can not allow an application to the world reveal certain information, that as the rightful owners of it , should be able to choose whether or not to show it.


I really do not know if it can even be illegal, but it is an aspect that WhatsApp should reconsider. We can not allow certain information to flow freely at the expense of whatever. See the case of Facebook, the current owner of the application and it seems to want to move policy of the social network to the ultimate messaging application. Here we use Droid Panic Telegramlong, for your safety, privacy and to be used in the comfort of your PC , something that download whatsapp for pc owners can not boast.

And you, what do you have on that? Do you think it really violates our right to privacy? Please give us a “like” and your opinion below or on any of our social networks.

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