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My passion blog

7 Ideas to improve your marketing strategy for your real estate agency

A good marketing strategy both online and face to face is one of the most important to improve the visibility and sales of assets estate agency . Notes seven tips:

  1. Start a newsletter or newsletter. It may take work and time, but it is very useful to reach out and connect with customers tool. The newsletter can focus on very local issues of interest to small business owners, parents or retirees. It is advisable not to focus on issues of national or provincial level, which will not affect close to the neighborhood. You can email or by regular mail.
  2. Send thank you notes written in your own handwriting . Do not just use the email … not replaced anywhere near personalized thank notes and handwritten. After each interview with a seller or a buyer is good to keep in touch, one way is to send notes thanking them for their time and offering a way to keep in touch.
  3. Become a little filmmaker . More and more individuals are using video to present your home for sale. Neither needs to be Martin Scorsese to have a decent camera, a basic editing software and know a little lighting. Make a guided ride home video can be more convincing than a series of still images. If the agent is a good storyteller, he can do it and so will pay less out of pocket.
  4. Sponsor a neighborhood youth team . Sponsoring local sports teams is a friendly and healthy way of publicizing the estate agency, besides gaining the sympathy of the community. You can also sponsor local theater groups, charitable activities, concerts … With modest financial support can achieve a lot.
  5. Be one of the leaders of the community . Each community has influential neighbors. Joining activities of community groups and not miss boards owners is one way, you can also go to all meals or snacks that are organized, lessons and tournaments paddle, join groups neighborhood watch, party seasonal pool, etc. No need to talk at all about it unless prompted. It will simply help you to have personal contact with the nearest neighbors, which will be easier to engage business and give good references.
  6. Writing articles to guide and advise prospective clients . Internet is the primary way of contact for prospective buyers and sellers. Writing articles on a personal blog, in local newspapers, newsletters lifestyle community or local magazines for parents can be reached in a close and healthy to potential customers. The themes can be targeted, for example, to help people looking for an industrial property, to family planning for couples with children, to find honeymoon villas in Mauritius … It will be a way to provide valuable information and advice every week and also, will demonstrate his skills as a professional.
  7. Closer to talk to people . If the agent spends his days sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring probably come much later that if it comes to networking. Talk to the neighbors and start conversations help to make friends, customers and even learn a lot of business and life. Do not shy away from contact with people, a real estate agent is primarily a seller, do not be afraid!

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