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12 Tips to generate a good CV for marketers

A few days ago, when I tweet a phrase related to the lack of content and structure of curricula that I regularly at the agency, I read several comments / queries, especially chavas and youth, who asked me then how should prepare a resume attractive, to call my attention to consider it as a candidate for employment offered ?.

I started to think about it because I think it is very important because, as in my company, many others, are these documents discarded almost all of the time, with the obvious consequence that causes frustration and despair to the youth . I have always maintained that all university courses and in our case, the media, should have, if not a matter, at least a final work consisted of students prepare and submit your resume to their teachers and discuss their presentation and content comparing all classwork.I think the only way we can learn what the best style or model to do so.

What do I ask ?. “If I design a curriculum very elaborate, creative and bulky, Dept. HR nor valued and often not receive it. The vast majority of cases, the director of the company, the executive manager or creative are unattainable for them personally prepared Hulk. Now if I do a traditional document, “light” level of a single sheet, strip me less. “

And he’s right. But what would be the right answer?

I recently read a paragraph on the subject and that caught my attention and answer the previous question: “There is no perfect resume and a single model to do so. However, it is considered that a resume is the ideal when it leads directly to the realization of a job interview “

I believe there is no better explanation than the previous paragraph, to define how to consider that you have a good resume: when it leads directly to the realization of a job interview.

But what must contain the notorious document to take it into account?

I analyzed several that I have received and came to some conclusions from what has interested me (or failed to interest) of them (obviously, considering that our industry is an advertising agency, in other sectors or specialties others may be factors):

  1. No straw (do not put that in primary took medal of honor or in high were the escort), a common misconception is that the more information and larger the CV is better. When are direct and to the point is more easy to understand at first.
  2. They have no spelling errors. Please always check this out, if you are not well versed in the subject, who seek the review!
  3. They are well written I read almost almost like ad text.; consistent, good syntax, with structure and, above all, merchants!
  4. Name the file. When you save your CV, do not keep it with currículo.doc name or hans% v1.pdf. Who evaluates receive dozens of CV`s, when assessing the downloads still difficult to identify people or cases be replaced by another or having to open the file. I recommend you put it like this: Curriculo_Hans_Hatch.pdf
  5. With photo? This is a topic that always generates debate, as some say it is essential, others say no. For those which wish to please avoid IFE, photo holiday, wedding. That does not give good impression.
  6. . Highlight strengths and skills This is a very important factor; highlight the virtues and skills that fit the job.
  7. Creativity / Design. There are many ways to implement some creativity to herein without departing from the above parameters. What forms? Those yes, discover and implement corresponds to each person. No need to be a great designer, a CV in Word made this well structured itself makes you want to read it.
  8. Data. It is not necessary to put up the number of your professional license that what really later. With you put your full name, address where you live, phone and email is enough. Oh, and please put the mail consultations daily. I have already touched on cases that are commanded labor proposals and never responded because it is not using the mail. #fail
  9. To see if I can get into some area. No please! Do not put that. Resume writing perth identifies the area you’re interested or available. If you have not defined what you want to work, how do you expect the company to decide ?.
  10. Sending CV. If you send it by e-mail is not necessary to write like a letter to the president of one page within the e-mail body, but not a simple “send my CV”. A brief summary of your skills or you are looking is enough.
  11. What NOT to wear. The number of your CURP, IMSS, the cedula. Information or very old courses that have nothing to do with your area.
  12. Date of birth: Instead of putting the date of birth, place your age. It’s a minor detail but save time when it is evaluating and avoids having to do the math to know how old you are.

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