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10 movies that every entrepreneur must see

The seventh art the solution could be to find the motivation to undertake a project of business or staying in the fight when uncertainty stalk the objectives of the company.
          The screen big could serve to remind employers that thestimulates and                             motivates.The plot of these stories could be useful at all times.

          Below xmovies8 presents the 10 HD Movies Online that every entrepreneur should see.

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  1. Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane)

If you’re not an entrepreneur, you have to see this masterpiece of Orson Wells in 1941. Film touches the life of a fictional character, Charles Foster Kane, a media mogul William Randolph Hearst-based and their quest for fortune and power. At the end, Kane understands what is truly important in life, the owner of the Inquirernewspaper dies at his mansion named Xanadu, pronouncing the word Rosebud in his last seconds of life. You can not fail to see the life of this businessman.

  1. The Godfather (The Godfather)

A required film director Francis Ford Coppola for entrepreneurs and businessmen, where you can meet the life of Vito Corleone, head of one of the most powerful families of the Italian mafia in New York in the 1940s. Corleone can be considered one of the best negotiators in the history of cinema. Aside from the fact that their businesses are not entirely clean, it can be inspiring for managers and business profiles.

Escena de la película El Padrino

  1. The Pirates of Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley)

For entrepreneurs in technology or startups, it is an essential reference. The film covers the early days of the core technology of the United States and the subsequent lifting of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In a documentary style, gives us an interesting vision of the founders of Microsoft and Apple. The tape offers some not true data – for example, the description of the IBM Agreement process on MSDOS-, but brings a lot in matters of negotiation.


  1. In search of happiness (The Pursuit of Happiness)

“Don’t let anyone tell you’re unable to do something, or if I want to.” If you have a dream, you must keep it. If you want something, salt to search it, and point. You know, the people who fails to achieve his dreams, often tell others that either they will meet their own…” Chris Gardner (Will Smith). It’s the true story of Chris Gardner and his device known as “bone density scanner”, an invention that can not sell in a context where also his personal life collapses.


  1. Power and greed (Wall Street)

You don’t sell only for the money. Remember that being an entrepreneur not only means to become rich and famous, is the moral that leave us this 1987 film by director Oliver Stone, who made Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) one of the characters most infames in cinema history with the phrase “greed is good”. The film focuses on the decisions illegal and unethical made by Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) to become a millionaire as Gekko, a corporate invader.


  1. What beautiful is live (It’s a Wonderful Life)

The story of George Bailey, an entrepreneur in financial crisis through history learn to give up and move on, while his situation was unpromising. The character played by James Stewart is a modest citizen who runs a small family Bank, despite the attempts of a powerful banker for ruining it. On Christmas Eve in 1945, overwhelmed by the sudden disappearance of a large sum of money, he decides to commit suicide, but when he is about to do so something extraordinary happens.


  1. Social networking (The Social Network)

Tape of 2010 which shows how Mark Zuckerberg went from being a Harvard student to a young man capable of launching the world’s most popular social network: Facebook. Although the film was overly dramatized, it deals with how to make a startup to succeed when displaying certain qualities such as flexible and resistant. Take always carries a risk, such as the title of the film reads “500 million friends are not made without making a few enemies”. As proof, the scene in which Mark lures to Eduardo Saverin.


  1. Jerry Maguire, love and challenge (Jerry Maguire)

The main character Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) had everything, a great career, many friends and a beautiful fiancée. A day had an epiphany: sports agents should not be seeking more money, but a way to take better care of their customers. Jerry loses everything and adventure on a trip to recover what they lost. Maguire learns to impose its moral values mixed with effort, dedication and good use of public relations.


  1. The game of Fortune (Moneyball)

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy the role of Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, Manager general of the Atléticos de Oakland. Because the team did not have funding to invest in players, Beane has discovered a unique way to compete to re-launch the team with the help of the young Economist Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), using statistics from this to sign players who believe more timely, method that is not shared by teammates and coach Art Howe team.


  1. The Wolf of Wall Street (the Wolf of Wall Street)

The last to join our list is the work of Martin Scorsese. This film is based on the life real the New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), who, thanks to their immense ability of dialectic, managed to open a gap quickly in the “Big Apple” and his company became a benchmark; However, it is perhaps the best example of what greed and excesses can do with a successful person. However, it is remarkable the passion of Belfort and security in itself and in its work to get things.


* The author is the founder of first film Club of entrepreneurs social

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