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Free movies for Blackberry (and other platforms)

Sony Pictures Television and BlackBerry announced the launch of the Crackle app for BlackBerry 10 smartphones at BlackBerry World, the BlackBerry mobile app store.

Crackle is a well-known network of state-of-the-art video entertainment that offers hundreds of movies, TV series and original Hollywood productions for free and with minimal commercial interruptions. The content is presented without cuts or editions and includes programs of different genres, such as action, comedy, police, anime, horror, music, suspense and science fiction. Blackberry PGP worked in conjunction with Crackle to create the application for the new BlackBerry 10 platform, included in the new BlackBerry® Z10 and BlackBerry® Q10 smartphones.

“Customers love Crackle and want to be able to enjoy the same high quality content anytime and anywhere,” explains José Rivera Font, Vice President and General Manager for Latin America and Brazil of Digital Networks, Sony Pictures Television. . This new application allows BlackBerry users in the region to have mobile access to Crackle’s premium programming. “

Crackle is available in 17 countries in Latin America, as well as in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. In Latin America and Brazil, the content is dubbed and / or subtitled in Spanish or Portuguese.

“Mobile entertainment is a fundamental part of the BlackBerry 10 experience,” says Martyn Mallick, Vice President of Worldwide Partnerships and Business Development at BlackBerry. Crackle is an excellent choice for BlackBerry 10 users who want to access their favorite movies and TV shows wherever they go. “

The best thing to lose weight is to see scary movies

Normally we prepare scary movie sessions on Halloween nights , but if you knew a few things that we’ve heard about, it’s sure to become your favorite genre. Popcorn in this case is not a problem, because these films involve a surprising loss of calories … all product of our fear! This is revealed by a study by the University of Westminster and which reveals that the number of calories consumed in a horror movie is, in many cases, the same as those burned in half an hour.

This surprising discovery is due to the fact that our body begins to produce physiological changes as a consequence of the release of adrenaline , which will cause us to lose appetite and increase the activity of our basal metabolism. Physiological changes occur in small moments of stress or fright that are responsible for this burning of calories, so no movie is worth … always the most afraid of you … the more afraid, the more calories we burn!

If you want to know which are some of the films that burn the most calories, do not stop reading … although keep in mind that the more calories you burn, the more afraid you will be. Are you ready?

Shark: 161 calories

We really believe that with this film we burn calories, because at no time we stop being in tension or having stress. Is that imagine in the middle of the sea with a shark stalking you … just thinking about it gives you chills, especially if you are one of those who always have the feeling that you have a shark around when you get into the sea. If you want to burn this amount of calories, you know … see all the shark movies you find! You have the benefit that at least they do not have paranormal things.

Paranormal activity: 111 calories 

Or also known as Paranormal Activity is one of these films that do not let you get off the couch, tells the story of a couple who is tormented by a strange entity inside their own home. From the strange situations they are witnessing, they decide to install a camera that captures the terror they are living. The movie is full of very tense moments and of course, a lot of fright , this will undoubtedly make us sweat . So if you are very scared and you think that later you would be unable to sleep at night, do not even bother to watch the trailer.

Saw: 133 calories 

If you are realizing the movies that keep you in tension are the ones that help you burn the most calories . And Saw is one of those, there is no time where you can relax and this allows us to burn 133 calories , which is not bad for a movie in this category. Do not worry, here there are no strange entities, but if you take some scare with certain faces and characters. The good thing about this movie is that there are six more, so imagine the amount of calories you burn if you do a marathon.

The Exorcist: 158 calories 

If you are very scared, again, we recommend that you do not see the trailer … then if you take a risk with the movie it’s your decision. It is a classic, since its premiere in the 70 has been considered one of the best movies in history in its genre. By its name you will already know, possessions and things that first we can not believe. It has made our hair stand on end and it has left us sleepless nights, what we have not been able to verify is if it burns this amount of calories, do you dare?

And the culmen we find it with …

The Radiance: 184 calories 

No doubt it has just become the favorite to enjoy a night full of terror. If 184 calories are burned, we do not want to imagine the tension and fear that we are going to experience. Tells the story of a child (if … we started with children … what a bad feeling!) That after moving to a hotel with his family begins to experience personality changes accompanied by paranormal events. The simple fact that there is a hotel and a child is already scary, so think twice before putting it on.

Burn calories is not easy, we know, but here we have found a practical way that only needs to be given to the play and we do not move from the sofa … are you going to try it?

The 7 movies about kitchen cooking that maybe you have not seen

If you are a regular at the cinema and enjoy a good plate of food, for sure you saw “Julie and Julia”, “Chocolat”, “Ratatouille”, “Eat, Drink, Love” or “The feast of Babet”. They are known titles, appreciated by spectators and awarded by specialized critics. However, either because they never arrived in the country or because they were diluted among the amount of American blockbusters, other less publicized but equally succulent films are available and have a reviewsHere we present them:

1- A trip of 10 meters

Country : India (2014).

Director : Lasse Hallstöm.

Screenplay : Steven Knight, based on Richard C. Morais’s betseller.

Cast : Helen Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Daval.

Winning formula: the director of “Chocolat”, plus the sponsorship of Steven Spielberg, Oprah Winfrey and the performance of the Oscar winner, Helen Mirren. The title refers to the distance between two kitchen restaurants. One French and sober, certified by the beloved Michelin star *, which directs the strict Madame Mallory (Mirren). The other, eccentric and Hindu, in charge of the cantankerous Pope Kadam (Om Puri). The flavor competition transcends the screen, as it “smells” in the trailer . The dressing is a beautiful love story.

2- Jiro, dreams of sushi (2011).

Country : United States.

Director : David Gelb.

Cast : Jiro Ono, Masuhiro Yamamoto, Daisuke Nakazama.

“I’ve never hated this job. I fell in love with him and gave him my life. Although I am 85 years old, I do not feel like retiring. ” This is how Jiro Ono speaks in this beautiful documentary, which turns the mouths of sushi lovers into water. Extraordinary debut by filmmaker David Gelb, who reveals to the world an apparently small story: the charming secret of the restaurant Sukiyabashi Jiro , winner of three Michelin stars. In addition to the teacher’s passion for what he does, the camera records the eternal duel between tradition and modernity. It was the darling of independent critics, although it won only the “Denver Film Critics Society.”

3- Bon Apetit (2010).

Country : Spain.

Director : David Pinillos.

Screenplay : Paco Cabezas, David Pinillos.

Cast : Unax Ugalde, Nora Tschirner, Giulio Berruti.

Kitchen and love The relationship is as old as Tom & Jerry’s. He took the Goya in 2010 by the address of debutant David Pinillos. What’s new in this movie? First, very good dialogues. Second, the eternal theme of the border between friendship and love, which is very well conceived. The musical band is a third element that serves to cohere a formal story, it is true, but quite dynamic. If you like romantic comedies, you should add it to your list.

4- Soul Kitchen (2009).

Country : Germany

Director : Fatih Kin.

Script : Fatih Kin, Adam Bousdoukos.

Cast : Adam Bousdoukos, Moritz Bleibtreu, Pheline Rogga.

In addition to food, this comedy has an excellent musical band, as you can suspect by its title. From Quincy to Jones to Mongo Santamaría, the soundtrack is a delight for music lovers. The film is interesting for the peculiar characters. She won two important prizes at the Venice Festival (public and jury) and was nominated for best European film in 2010. The script revolves around Zinos (Adam Bousdoukos), the owner of a restaurant, who must employ his peculiar brother and Save the business of some real estate speculators.

5- Stomach (2007).

Country : Brazil

Director : Marcos Jorge.

Screenplay : Fabrizio Don Vito, Marcos Jorge, Lusa Silvestre, Claudia da Natividade.

Cast : Joao Miguel, Fabiula Nascimento, Babu Santana.

It is the kind of film that does not convince the critic, but that seduces the general public. The proposal is interesting. In a world where you eat or are eaten, Nonato (Joao Miguel) gets a third way to survive: cooking. Recognized by the jury in festivals in Uruguay, Colombia, Spain and Brazil, it raised a welter in some European intellectual circles, perhaps because of the portrait of prisons and sex scenes. In any case, the originality of the dishes deserves its viewing. Of course, if you have a delicate stomach, it is better to let it go.

6- A touch of cinnamon (2003)

Country : Greece

Director : Tassos Boulmetis.

Script : Tassos Boulmetis.

Cast : George Corraface, Ieroki Michaelidis, Renia Louzidou.

What they say is the “Mediterranean version” of “Como agua para chocolate” does not do it justice. Yes, the plot is seasoned at the temperature of the “spices”, however the Tassos Boulmetis film is far superior in screenplay, performances and cinematography. We are located in Istanbul, magical city to which Professor Fanis (George Corraface) must return after learning that his mentor (and grandfather) is sick. The review of historical moments of Turkey, the relationship with Greece and the affairs of the heart that were not resolved, are combined in a feature film of remarkable photographic beauty. Recognized in Nuremberg (Turkish-German festival), she was chosen by her country to compete in the Oscars.

7- Cooking stories (2003).

Country : Norway

Director : Bent Hamer.

Screenplay : Jorgen Bergmark, Bent Hamer.

Cast : Tomas Norström, Joachim Calmeye, Bjorn Floberg.

It is a very particular movie. It tells the second phase of a Swedish study, which focuses on recording the movements of single men in the kitchen. However, do not be scared. This scientific experiment does not make the film a boring intellectual exercise, quite the opposite. We are facing a fabulous film that starts from an almost absurd argument to get closer to a very funny look about loneliness. He received eight international awards and was nominated for the best European film of the year.

Interview with Esteban and Erica , of “The locksmith”

Possibly  Esteban Lamothe  and  Érica Rivas  are at the moment of greatest exposure of his career. The first – which shone in  The Student - can be seen for a couple of seasons on local television (now part of the cast of  Guapas ), while the second illuminates one of the highest moments of  Wild Stories , by Damian Szifron . Now the protagonist together  The locksmith , the new film of Natalia Smirnoff.

A couple in crisis decides to separate and just at that moment appears an unexpected news that can change everything. It was not planned, but she is pregnant and he receives the novelty like a baldazo of icy water. He is Sebastián, a locksmith who leads an ordinary life, traversed by the usual gauges of that craft invented to get us out of trouble. But this time he is locked up. What will be the key to solving the dilemma that has just been presented to you without prior notice? And worse, with the news comes another novelty, a little more disturbing than that of that unwanted fatherhood: a strange gift to reveal what others do not know about themselves or, more than once, know but They insist on denying. When Natalie Smirnoff  thought of  Esteban Lamothe  for the role of this seer emergency locksmith beset by existential doubts, the actor born in Ameghino was not yet a TV star. But he had garnered many accolades for his starring in  El estudiante , by  Santiago Miter , the great success of independent Argentine cinema in recent years. With  Erica Rivas , the director had, and has, a long-standing relationship. They are neighbors and friends, they were working together in the writing of another project, and although Smirnoff had first thought about a twenty-something girl, she ended up convinced that it was Rivas the actress who could bring sensitivity and dramatic power to a role whose importance grew in the Stage of assembly. “The story of the film seems wonderful , “ says the actress, who this year also has looked with his brilliant portrayal of a furiously jealous girlfriend in  wild tales of  Damián Szifrón . “It’s a small, intimate production, completely different from Wild Stories, it’s looking for another audience. And I had a minor role, so Natalia had some objections to propose. But with the final assembly ended up taking relevance. I am very happy with the result. “  Lamothe and Rivas joined  Sergio Boris,  María Onetto ,  Santiago Gobernori  and the recently deceased  Arturo Goetz .

The two have worked extensively in theater and television. How have they experienced the difference with cinema? 
They are very different trades. In the cinema you work the expression in a more introspective way. It is important a gesture, a look. The theater needs a more expressive, more expansive body. We recorded the rehearsals of a work that has just been released – Ojo por ojo, directed by Augusto Fernandes, at Margarita Xirgu – and more than once I saw myself and said “this is fine if it were cinema, but in theater it is not going to say nothing”. On the other hand, you have to understand the imprint that the director brings. A film director is all his career, not a single film. It has a color from the beginning, and that must know how to accompany it, be malleable. From the television I have a very nice memory of my role in Married with children because I never thought that I would be able to reach so many people with my work, it was something that had not happened until that moment. But I have some reservations. I do not have a TV at home and every time I see a little, by chance, I’m amazed. With light, with the ugly thing you see everything, with the issues they deal with and the way they treat them … It even happens to me with advertisements: I can not believe what they say and how they say it. I think you have to do the exercise of not watching television for a few days to realize what you are doing in your head. It is almost all puterío, banalidad. I do not have a TV at home and every time I see a little, by chance, I’m amazed. With light, with the ugly thing you see everything, with the issues they deal with and the way they treat them … It even happens to me with advertisements: I can not believe what they say and how they say it. I think you have to do the exercise of not watching TV for a few days to realize what you are doing in your head. It is almost all puterío, banalidad. I do not have a TV at home and every time I see a little, by chance, I’m amazed. With light, with the ugly thing you see everything, with the issues they deal with and the way they treat them … It even happens to me with advertisements: I can not believe what they say and how they say it. I think you have to do the exercise of not watching TV for a few days to realize what you are doing in your head. It is almost all puterío, banalidad.

 It is very likely that next year do not do television. I would prefer to focus on the cinema, perhaps on a theater that interests me especially. Not that he is frightened much less – the experience of Guapas is very good – but the television generates certain addiction. I need to empty myself a bit to face other jobs from a different perspective. An actor feeds on what lives with the people around him, listening to how your friends talk. I need space to empty myself, recharge me and come back refreshed. I need to empty myself a bit to face other jobs from a different perspective. An actor feeds on what lives with the people around him, listening to how your friends talk. I need space to empty myself, recharge me and come back refreshed. I need to empty myself a bit to face other jobs from a different perspective. An actor feeds on what lives with the people around him, listening to how your friends talk. I need space to empty myself, recharge me and come back refreshed.


“Now I come from three strips in a row, and that’s tiring. I’m an actor, I want to reach as many people as possible and I know that for that TV is key. But I’m tired and I would like people to rest a little of me, to stop seeing me for a while. “(Lamothe)


How do you evaluate the proposals that come to you? What do they privilege?
Basically, what the project has to do has to do with what I want to express at the moment they call me, to match my interests. Then I put myself at the disposal of the director and the idea. Over time, however, I began to rebel a little more because I feel that the experience allows me that license. Today I can tell a director “I swear this is not garpa, do not do it like that”. Ultimately, they decide, that they have in their hands the assembly. Likewise, doing what you want without a director realizing it is very difficult, although sometimes one tries it [laughs]. I am also fully aware of the enormous ego of the actors. It gives me shame that we always pretend to be a figurehead.

Lamothe: I consider the quality of the project according to my own convictions. As you work, priorities are changing, but I would not close the door to a debut feature if I am interested in what you are proposing. Human quality is very important, even if it sounds trite. Working quietly is essential because it is necessary to exchange ideas with a director. The relationship between a director and a protagonist is very intense, you marry for a while with them, so you have to be very eager to get on that trip with another person. If I could choose, I would devote myself mainly to the movies. But it’s a job, you have to adapt.


It is an archi-popular service of movies and unlimited broadcasts, available on all your intelligent devices, televisions and video game consoles, always in “streaming”. Among their current selection, we have sorted out to present the 7 best food costing software documentaries currently available on the platform.

  1. Three stars *** 
    Three stars gives us intimate access to the daily life of 9 chefs on 3 continents, each winner of the famous Michelin stars. The documentary will allow you to better understand the true lifestyle of those who cook at the highest level, their successes, their sorrows and their ways of seeing the world of restoration.Delicious!

  2. Food inc. 
    The food documentary that opened the door to so many others. Nominated for an Oscar, the documentary provocative Food inc. Unveils the American food industry and its disastrous effects on human health and the environment. No matter what your allegiance, this documentary leaves no one indifferent.

  3. Food Matters  
    This film observes our current dietary habits and their effects on our nutrition. Bringing together several known experts (and others to discover) on nutrition, Food Matters will take you to watch your pantry and your refrigerator in a different light. Guaranteed.

  1. TED Talks: Chew on This
    Between the discovery of Dan Barber from an ethical foie gras producer and Jamie Oliver’s intervention to better feed schools, the international reputation of TED conferences seems well deserved, Acts as a food. Easily the best value for money, with its 14 mini-conferences of less than 20 minutes each.

  2. The Chocolate Farmer
    Incursion into the life of a Cocoa farmer in the oldest regions of Belize. Between his family and the communal farm, the producer, descendant of the Mayans, disarms you with his perception of the world, the life and the challenges that globalization brings. A rare preview, produced by the National Film Board (NFB).

  3. Hungry for Change
    A somewhat alarming look at the consumer’s helplessness towards what one eats, too often influenced (more than you think) by the mass-food industry. A revival for some, the scope of industrialization and food marketing is dissected by a group of people as interesting as different from each other.

  4. Farmageddon
    Ouias, with a name like that … Nevertheless, the content is absolutely fascinating! A documentary that tells the stories of farmers and farmers who refuse to embark in food industrialization, resisting the “Monsantos” of this world and the disturbances (legal, security and judicial) that their approach engenders. Secret agents, legal passes and seizures in a public market. It’s brewing!

Honorable Mentions:

  • Local Solutions for a Global Disorder
    Surely the movie that most captivated me and informed about the current state of nutrition, challenges, consequences and possible solutions. Formerly on Netflix, it is this film that I recommend beyond all others. One could say that it was this film that convinced me to get involved, on the food side. To have.
    In French  and English; Good food, Bad Food .

  • Mondo Vino
    The sympathetic masterpiece by Jonathan Nossiter, who explores the world of wine and wine in the world in 2004, as well as the trends brought about by globalization. With the greatest personalities of the wine world (Robert Parker, Michel Rolland, Aimé Guibert, Bernard Magrez, Robert Mondavi, etc.). You do not regret.

10 movies that every entrepreneur must see

The seventh art the solution could be to find the motivation to undertake a project of business or staying in the fight when uncertainty stalk the objectives of the company.
          The screen big could serve to remind employers that thestimulates and                             motivates.The plot of these stories could be useful at all times.

          Below xmovies8 presents the 10 HD Movies Online that every entrepreneur should see.

          For the best quality of movie, please find them on putlocker movies, with a large                 amount of movie in High Definition, we promise you will have time to enjoy.

  1. Citizen Kane (Citizen Kane)

If you’re not an entrepreneur, you have to see this masterpiece of Orson Wells in 1941. Film touches the life of a fictional character, Charles Foster Kane, a media mogul William Randolph Hearst-based and their quest for fortune and power. At the end, Kane understands what is truly important in life, the owner of the Inquirernewspaper dies at his mansion named Xanadu, pronouncing the word Rosebud in his last seconds of life. You can not fail to see the life of this businessman.

  1. The Godfather (The Godfather)

A required film director Francis Ford Coppola for entrepreneurs and businessmen, where you can meet the life of Vito Corleone, head of one of the most powerful families of the Italian mafia in New York in the 1940s. Corleone can be considered one of the best negotiators in the history of cinema. Aside from the fact that their businesses are not entirely clean, it can be inspiring for managers and business profiles.

Escena de la película El Padrino

  1. The Pirates of Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley)

For entrepreneurs in technology or startups, it is an essential reference. The film covers the early days of the core technology of the United States and the subsequent lifting of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. In a documentary style, gives us an interesting vision of the founders of Microsoft and Apple. The tape offers some not true data – for example, the description of the IBM Agreement process on MSDOS-, but brings a lot in matters of negotiation.


  1. In search of happiness (The Pursuit of Happiness)

“Don’t let anyone tell you’re unable to do something, or if I want to.” If you have a dream, you must keep it. If you want something, salt to search it, and point. You know, the people who fails to achieve his dreams, often tell others that either they will meet their own…” Chris Gardner (Will Smith). It’s the true story of Chris Gardner and his device known as “bone density scanner”, an invention that can not sell in a context where also his personal life collapses.


  1. Power and greed (Wall Street)

You don’t sell only for the money. Remember that being an entrepreneur not only means to become rich and famous, is the moral that leave us this 1987 film by director Oliver Stone, who made Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) one of the characters most infames in cinema history with the phrase “greed is good”. The film focuses on the decisions illegal and unethical made by Bud Fox (Charlie Sheen) to become a millionaire as Gekko, a corporate invader.


  1. What beautiful is live (It’s a Wonderful Life)

The story of George Bailey, an entrepreneur in financial crisis through history learn to give up and move on, while his situation was unpromising. The character played by James Stewart is a modest citizen who runs a small family Bank, despite the attempts of a powerful banker for ruining it. On Christmas Eve in 1945, overwhelmed by the sudden disappearance of a large sum of money, he decides to commit suicide, but when he is about to do so something extraordinary happens.


  1. Social networking (The Social Network)

Tape of 2010 which shows how Mark Zuckerberg went from being a Harvard student to a young man capable of launching the world’s most popular social network: Facebook. Although the film was overly dramatized, it deals with how to make a startup to succeed when displaying certain qualities such as flexible and resistant. Take always carries a risk, such as the title of the film reads “500 million friends are not made without making a few enemies”. As proof, the scene in which Mark lures to Eduardo Saverin.


  1. Jerry Maguire, love and challenge (Jerry Maguire)

The main character Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise) had everything, a great career, many friends and a beautiful fiancée. A day had an epiphany: sports agents should not be seeking more money, but a way to take better care of their customers. Jerry loses everything and adventure on a trip to recover what they lost. Maguire learns to impose its moral values mixed with effort, dedication and good use of public relations.


  1. The game of Fortune (Moneyball)

You don’t have to be a baseball fan to enjoy the role of Brad Pitt as Billy Beane, Manager general of the Atléticos de Oakland. Because the team did not have funding to invest in players, Beane has discovered a unique way to compete to re-launch the team with the help of the young Economist Peter Brand (Jonah Hill), using statistics from this to sign players who believe more timely, method that is not shared by teammates and coach Art Howe team.


  1. The Wolf of Wall Street (the Wolf of Wall Street)

The last to join our list is the work of Martin Scorsese. This film is based on the life real the New York stockbroker Jordan Belfort (Leonardo DiCaprio), who, thanks to their immense ability of dialectic, managed to open a gap quickly in the “Big Apple” and his company became a benchmark; However, it is perhaps the best example of what greed and excesses can do with a successful person. However, it is remarkable the passion of Belfort and security in itself and in its work to get things.


* The author is the founder of first film Club of entrepreneurs social

How to Buy Best Kayak

We will try in this article to offer you some tips to choosing a cheap inflatable kayak .

Before eluting our kayak to fish we must reflect on what use we will give and what is our preferred fishing mode.

We advise you to take a look at this section of fishing kayaks , where you will find specific models at discounted prices and they will send it free to home.

So, we will choose a wider and less long kayak if our mode of fishing requires quiet, while we will look for a narrower and longer kayak for fishing in march. A decision based on stability against speed . Measures for our transportation needs will also be important.

We advise this article to equip the kayak with accessories , useful to make the most of the small space and carry in the kayak everything necessary for a great day of fishing.

Let’s expose the different kayak models to fish so that you can value the model that interests you the most! As always, if you have doubts, I advise you to use our comments section so that a sports fan can answer you.


Types of Kayak robust and durable , usually made of polyethylene. Although they require very little maintenanceif minimal maintenance is advised, wash them with fresh water after each session, avoid exposure to the sun or accumulate a lot of weight in areas that may become deformed.

We will find multiple measures of this type of kayak in the market. A more stable sleeve will be the kayak, but less speedy. Longer kayaks offer more speed, always taking into account the sleeve, but less abantability. We must also take into account the  measures for transport and storage . We advise you to choose a large and spacious kayak  so you do not have problems of buoyancy with all the equipment to fish or stability problems during fishing.


With these types of kayak we will be in constant contact with the water , they are open models that protect us little from the weather. For that reason we advise always to be well equipped, even if it is summer, contemplating the possibility of a possible dump. For cold water, you will definitely need a neoprene or dry suit .


They follow the line of self-emptying kayaks with the great advantage that they can be stored in a backpack . Its great majority offers a very good stability , although its drawback is a lower speed of sliding . We will find specific fishing models with built-in cane holders and different accessories for fishing.


The materials used and the technology is similar to that of a pneumatic boat. It can be said that durability and resistance are guaranteed in most makes and models, all offering their differences.

As in self-emptying kayaks, we will be constantly in contact with water, so we must equip ourselves correctly.


Definitely the fastest kayak type . The downside is the need to have a minimal experience on the kayak , they become much more unstable due to their smaller sleeve and are less maneuverable. We found multiple materials under construction, durable and sturdy kayaks suitable for the general public or more specific paddling competitions made with much lighter but more fragile materials. Although not the best option for fishing, we advise that the kayak be as resistant as possible if the intention is to use it solely for fishing.

The advantage of this type of kayak, leaving aside its speed, is its protection from the elements . Being a type of closed kayak we will be more sheltered from the water and the cold, nevertheless we must equip ourselves equally with thermal and impermeable clothes. Eye! Some closed models can have serious consequences if we are in danger of collapse.


Extremely stable types of kayak , which offer the option of using small sails or pedals for a much more comfortable propulsion. Its major drawback is space and transport, apart from a high price.

Homemade bread in iron pot or cast iron casserole

A long time ago I wanted to have a pot of enameled cast iron and a few days before moving to our house my husband gave it to me. This casserole or pot is one of the most popular utensils in French website 
An iron pot is a thick-walled casserole (usually cast iron) with a lid that fits well. It is called “cocotte en fonte” in French. Cast iron is one of the best materials to cook for being an excellent conductor of heat. Uniform absorption of heat, without overheating points. The cocotte allows cooking the food in its own juice, it is not necessary to add much liquid for cooking because when closing with the cap condenses the steam, it is ideal for prolonged cooking at low temperature. The glazed surface that completely vitrifies the interior and exterior of the piece does not absorb moisture, colors or odors and allows marinating or storing food safely in the refrigerator or in the freezer. The result is that the food does not burn or remain raw in the center.
My pot is branded  Le Creuset can be used over fire (gas), ceramic hob, induction, in the barbecue and in the oven. In France there are many other brands that make these pots but we have decided for this because it is the creator of the cocotte in source, its price is almost 200 euros but it is a pot that lasts a lifetime … and in which Can prepare delicious dishes.
The first recipe I have prepared in the pot is this homemade bread. The advantage is that you do not need to preheat the oven before cooking. In addition, when cooking with a lid the steam is concentrated in the pot, you do not need to make steam by adding a container with water in the oven … The result has been this golden bread and crunchy:
For 1 large bread cooked in a pot of 26cm in diameter
500g of French flour T80 similar to a rustic flour of spelled or integral (for more information consult the ticket on the flour and of utensils to make homemade breads )
250ml of warm water
1 dry yeast bakery sachet
1 teaspoon and a half of fine salt

Modern Gardens Ideas

For those who enjoy modern decor, and want to transport their gardens, today wepresent several photos and ideas of modern gardens , where they can draw some ideas.

Modern courtyard surrounded by walls, with cement paths and green plant beds

These types of gardens are characterized by being quite simple, as they are not overloaded with decorative elements. They are limited to paths, fountains, large planters, benches, and in all of them it is played with combinations and contrasts of colors. As for plants, they are characterized by following the trend, and being few in number, since designers prefer few plants but they are showy.

Modern Gardens with wooden floors, surrounded by stonecutters

A modern or contemporary garden is characterized by being elegant, stylish and sophisticated. They are based on the simplicity of Asian design practices. In general, more emphasis is placed on architecture and materials than on plants and vegetation. Repeating patterns and patterns are often used. The main idea is to create a garden that has a controlled and organized appearance.

Structural elements are used to achieve a minimalist look, with plants that are used as accents to provide contrast and color. All elements will work together in harmony.

Simple and geometric lines

In a typical modern paving design, the use of large grid patterns, straight lines and geometric shapes is included. Modern gardens are characterized by linking classic elements with objects and forms of modern garden design. The combination of natural objects with man-made elements such as fountains, benches, paths and ponds is basic in a modern garden. It is also important to maintain harmonious spaces to relax and connect with nature.

Using low maintenance plants and adding a raised wooden structure to the garden gives it a modern and natural look.

Patio with path and circular pergola, bank area

Soils in modern gardens

A covered area in the garden is a must for a modern space. You can use ceramic or concrete tiles. But if you use wood, to keep it in good condition, make sure it is always covered with sealant and protective material.

Large garden with tiled floor, table with parasol


In modern gardens, structural elements predominate, from materials such as concrete, brick and ceramics. Original colors and shapes. Usually, the use of plants is minimal but they are notorious as they are in charge of contrasting with the structured elements. The most popular plants in modern gardens are grasses and bamboo.
Small patio with mirror wall, stonecutters against the wall
The most popular materials for paving a contemporary patio are rectangular concrete paving stones and wooden tiles.

Glass and metal structures may also help. It is important to have vegetation that softens the elements.

Garden with stonework in the perimeter, table and chairs on central wooden floor

Fences and Walls

Several fences and walls will be added to the style of a modern garden, such as metal screens, horizontal wooden fences and gabion walls made of metal meshes filled with stone.

Footpath with side bench, stonecutters and wooden fences

Vegetation in modern gardens

Use architectural plans, textured, and use large flowerpots.

Patio with beautiful flower beds and relaxation area with armchairs

Modern fountains

Modern fountains use geometric shapes, simple materials and multiple jets of water.

Patio with round stonecutter and fountain


The use of stoves in the garden is very fashionable, especially for night use. Some designs even come in a table-type model with matching removable seats, making them perfect for small landscaped spaces.

Garden stove

In addition, they make a perfect space to relax in the open air and have fun with friends and family.

Patio with barbecue and armchairs

Colors in modern gardens

Choosing a strong color is another way to ensure that a garden is updated. For example in this photo, the rest of the colors help to highlight the rose, which also combines with flowers. Simple and modern.

A practical and easy way to give modernity to an outdoor space is through modern furniture and strong colors.

Small garden with armchairs and flowerpots

Original Designs

Another way to create an outdoor space with these features, is by using garden accessories of original designs. Colorful flowerpots of different sizes are perfect for giving an interesting touch to the garden. You must pay attention to the plants and flowers that go in them, as they must make a set full of contrasts in shapes and textures, but harmonious at the same time.


Lighting is another very important topic. You can use this type of torch type lamps, which are very decorative.
Garden led lights

Umbrellas and sunshades

Although the umbrellas can be seen very modern, fabric awnings are very fashionable and add a lot of style. Easy to hang (provided you have installed hooks on walls or trees).

Modern awnings

Garden furniture

When it comes to modern design, less is definitely more. Choose furniture with simple and simple lines, to create a minimalist space.

The seats worked in wire have also a very contemporary style, are perfect for indoor and outdoor use throughout the year, you can even choose a selection of colors to brighten your outdoor space.

Long rectangular outdoor table

Creating a comfortable space with elegant seating gives a lot of modernity to a garden. Lamps, cushions and plants give a plus to the decor.

Cement garden armchairs


Finally, art is an effective element to create a modern garden, in addition to adding color. It is important that you keep monochrome the rest of the elements so that the work of art is highlighted and be the center of attention.


Are you interested in doing business in the health industry, but still not where to start? Then this article is for you. The health care industry is a growing $ 1 billion industry, mainly due to the need to increase sound health care with age. In addition, health is one of the most important needs of the human being, since without good health, every two achievement is useless. Can be said to be all about the provision of medical services, products and equipment to expand, protect and
Quality of human life.

The health care is a broad industry consisting of several sub-sectors such as Primary Health Care Health Care Secondary Health Care tertiary However, it is important that you know that health care is the most strictly regulated industry. This is because it is directly involved in human lives. So you would have to have a license to be able to operate any business in this industry and to get a license, you will have certification side other requirements that must be met.

1. Waste Recycling medical visit care industry health produces a lot of waste that can be recycled back into reusable raw material or product. So starting a medical waste recycling business may be a good idea for you to consider and take a chance to make a lot of profits out of it.

2. Pharmaceutical Distribution Business Business owners pharmaceutical distributors are those who buy drugs from large suppliers or manufacturers as Emzor, Dana, GlaxoSmithKline, etc, and then store them in warehouses and finally distributes many pharmaceutical stores Or patent shops out there. If you have the financial capacity, experience and logistics, you can venture into this business.

3. Childcare Centers Many families are increasingly interested in child care services because they do not want their children to have not properly care. Although a daycare is not medically related, it is still considered a health branch, as it is your responsibility as day center operator to see that the total well-being of the children in their custody, including their health. You can check medical doctor Kirwan.

4. Egg Donor Agency / Sperm Bank This is another profitable business opportunity, but untapped in the / medical health industry. Do you know that couples will have to pay a good sum of money just to solve their fertility problems? Well, running a sperm bank or egg donation agency is a good way to help couples with conception problems of the child while putting money in the bank.

5. Veterinary Clinic The number of pet owners is increasing every day, so it is also the number of livestock farm owners. If you have experience in handling animals, or you simply like animals, then you can set up a veterinary service. All you just have to start is basic training and some marketing skills.

6. Medical Coding Business Medical coding can serve as an option especially in the search for a service company based at home. If you are a smart person with basic computer skills, you can start a medical coding business for hospitals and medical centers. Their basic task is simply to work with doctors and medical directors to codify documents for the presentation of adequate insurance.

7. Center for Skin Care Are you an expert in applying beauty improvements for your physical body? If yes then you can simply enroll in a cosmetology course and receive training on how to apply beauty treatments. Cosmetology can be defined as applying numerous beauty treatments to any other part of the body, with the aim of remedying skin defects or problems.

8. Drug Testing Before starting a business in drug testing, there are so many things that must be put into consideration. Although this type of business is one of those companies that do not require a huge overhead expense; He would have to undergo various tests and training.

9. Business Home Health Care A health care business at home is a company that provides specialized services nursing aides home health, and other services home care, such as medical and social services Therapies. Running a home health business is probably one of the best companies to participate in. However, critical planning should be done to avoid making some insane mistakes like most first time entrepreneurs.

10. Emergency Medical Services not transport services emergency medical transportation is not a single class of service that caters to people or patients who are physically disabled or infirm, and may not be able to keep the appointment the doctor for his account. Examples of these individuals are paralytics, which attached to a wheelchair, etc.

11. Disposal of Medical Waste The medical industry and safe healthcare to generate a lot of waste, ranging from non – biodegradable waste, such as syringes , Plastics, nylon, etc. to biodegradable waste like human tissues. You can start a waste disposal business especially dedicated to the medical sector.

12. Health Insurance Agency

13. Business Health Care Supply

14. Elder Care With the increase in the aging population, along with the current state of society, there is a great need for major health services. This is where the services of doctors and caregivers as well as nurses come into consideration. These elderly caregivers provide assistance to seniors in carrying out their daily life activities. Medical Marijuana Business


16. Medical Assistant Business

17. Medical Billing Business

18. Medical Tourism Companies For those who do not understand what service means health tourism, the role of medical tourism agencies is to connect Patient or client with appropriate hospitals or physicians who specializes in the field of medicine that the client or patient is in need of. You can set up this business is that you have the links and resources.

The 10 best tools for the management of marketing projects online

In the business world there is a growing tendency to work with remote computers, many of them freelanceWhen you work with remote computers online, then you realize that theemail is not an adequate tool. The main reasons are:

  • Not easy or not easy to maintain the necessary level of information and communication.
  • Traceability of discussions, lost reviews…
  • It does not allow an allocation and tracking of tasks.
  • You can not manage timelines, milestones and resources.
  • You can not share documents online.
  • You can not follow the progress of the tasks or the dedication of efforts.

Therefore, there is a boom in tools for online collaborative work, which provide instant communication and allow you to work in an environment of sharing and up-to-date information. These applications can be grouped into two main blocks: which help manage tasks (to-do list) and those that allow to manage projects. In this post we want to share with you the 10  best online project management software  that we have analyzed. The main features that bring these tools are:

  • File sharing in real time or not
  • Notifications
  • Monitoring of deadlines
  • Monitoring of costs
  • CRM customer relationship management
  • Billing
  • Wiki and version of a development management: Git or SubVersion
  • Chat, Conference in real time

1. ACTIVE COLLAB ActiveCollab is a very easy and intuitive tool. In a very agile manner, the project manager creates milestones and tasks and assigns them to the members of the team. Starting from there can maintain communications and notices and Exchange files easily. It also allows to write and answer from your email without being in the system. activecollab2

2. ASSEMBLA Assembla is an ideal tool if we talk about management of development projects. The key element is the system of tickets that are assigned to each Member of the team. Each ticket includes detailed information such as the level of complexity and working hours. It stands out for its Reportingcapabilities, including very useful reports to manage deadlines and resources. The principle is not as intuitive as others – requires an initial time of formation, but there are many tutorials. It is very good to work following type Scrum agile development methodologiesassembla2

3. BASECAMP , Basecamp is probably the most simple and intuitive. It has a sleek design, its visual interface allows quickly review discussions, tasks and files. It also includes a time-line and a calendar. It is possible to respond to arguments from the email (without access to the system). basecamp2

4. CENTRAL DESKTOP Central Desktop is a good tool in the cloud. Its main advantage is that it is very oriented to work in real time, since it offers instant messaging, online document editing and Conference website in real time. centraldesktop2

5. CONFLUENCE Confluence is a tool designed to facilitate the exchange of documentation, information and files. It provides a high level of Organization for large projects or organizations. It also stands out for its integration with Microsoft Office. confluence2

6. KAPOST Kapost is a perfect editorial management software for bloggers and writers working in collaboration. It is a room of virtual publication where users can submit a concept for an editor approves it. There are three types of users: editors, contributors and subscribers. Editors can approve, assign, and reject the ideas presented. Kapost also has a feature built into payments by mail, very interesting especially when working with a very diverse team and a results-based payment system. What brings Kapost is making for its users to more focus on concepts, to increase the quality of content. It’s like a room for real news where people participate in a brainstorming.


7. PRODUCTEEV Producteev functions as a task list online which alerts you in real time what is happening through email, Instant Messenger or iPhone. The team leaders can create a virtual workspace, invite collaborators, create tasks and assign them to people, add deadlines and generate the productivity report.


8. TEAMBOX Teambox is, like BaseCamp, one of the tools easier and more intuitive to use.It is very useful to organize collaborative projects. It helps you to easily manage the importance and priority of the tasks, and allows users to send updates on the progress of the project.


9. TEAMLAB TeamLab is a platform of free management for small and medium-sized businesses. Working with TeamLab is like having a social network in the company: you can create blog posts across the enterprise can see. It has also other social features, advertisements, surveys to collect public opinion, and many others. Members can even start their own discussions in the forums, and any member of the company can follow the activities or topics that interest you. Another notable feature is its internal chat.


10. TIMEDOCTOR Time Doctor is a tool focused on the time control. It includes an optional display to monitor remote employees, it automatically generates daily reports, you keep track of the web sites and applications that are used. In short, it allows you to track and monitor the actions of the user in your computer. For the more stringent with each euro which is paid,Time Doctor is your tool.


Marketing Automation for car manufacturers and dealers

Buying a car is a decision that usually has a relatively long cycle purchase. If manufacturers and dealers are able to communicate successfully during all phases of the cycle, they can get the user will eventually become your customer.

The main problem for a dealership is the large number of possible contacts that are generated from different media (landing pages, adwords advertising, advertising in directories, events, forms) but are at different stages of the buying cycle.

How to treat a person who is starting to look up information on cars of interest, is different from what to do when someone is detected in the run-time car buying.

shortcode image

How you can help marketing automation brands and car dealers?

  • Through behavioral webpage dealer or manufacturer, downloads of technical conditions, visits to the pricing section, etc …. We can get to know the buying phase in which this individual web users. With dynamic segmentation we can act at every stage of the purchase process by customizing messages, for example sending curiosities about equipping particular car, technical tests, so that little by little each user proceed through the checkout process towards the car question.


  • Commercial management is made easier and more efficient. Through a scoring system each user is assessed and rated. When a user reaches a certain score you will be transferred to CRM and from that moment is the sales staff that manages it and finalize the sale. The efficiency of trade is usually multiply in these cases and sales volume as well.
shortcode image
  • The marketing automation tools enable planning publications on social networks, centralizing much of marketing in one place. Social networking is where people spend more time so it is essential to have a well structured social strategy and a tool that allows maximum efficiency in the publication.


  • Creating landing pages and forms are designed to be personalized as possible and that the user experience is second to none.



  • Improve your customer service satisfaction. Let your customers when it is necessary to review when they have reached certain parts or when you have your car serviced and repaired. All from the same tool.


  • Knowing where they come from visitors that turn into sales is essential to promote the best channels. With marketing automation tools know all the steps taken by each customer since it first on our web, through the time when you register and reaching the conversion. The analysis of these data is crucial to optimize sales procedures. helps you in choosing the marketing automation tool that best fits the needs of your brand or dealer also accompany you throughout the process of adaptation to success is secured.

5 goals content marketing for lawyers

Many make the mistake of approaching content marketing legal issue without a roadmap, without a map.The good thing for the lawyer today is that there are so many options now available that do not know.

Content marketing for lawyers has evolved so that we need not limit ourselves to information Dry, General FAQs, and lists of honors. Now lawyers are able to meet potential customers – and use content marketing as a way to turn strangers into customers – the timid, fearful and insecure about dealing with a lawyer first people.

Here are 5 goals to be successful in online marketing for any law firm.

1- Sea King or Queen -. But never an Personal injury lawyer Boca Raton
general practice is a thing of the past because it is impossible to position itself as a true specialist.

Marketing to the masses, dilutes your message, Moreover, most new lawyers do not have the time or money to devote due attention to all areas of the legal profession ..

2. Show yourself – himself as a hero at heart.

Many of your prospects have a distrust of lawyers. Show them that you are not only to benefit from their pain, nor above them to talk about their problem. Provide a listening ear and help them cope with realism.Remember that people hire people, not corporate. Without the human touch, it will never make the leap from the supplier to the person.

3. Do not be afraid to stand out.
What distinguishes you from the millions of other lawyers who do what you do? What are your competitors doing to get noticed? and How to face the business from a different angle? Many lawyers are using video, podcasts, webinars and seminars not only for search engine optimization, but also as a means to differentiate themselves and their personalities from the rest of the pack. Find the box, get, get out of it, and be unique.

4- Using the contents wisdom – and faithfully.
Content – whether in text, audio or video – gives you a way to establish its authority, the time to prepare in parallel to their profession technicalities. Equally important, it allows your potential customers see in you their best personal appearance. You can use a conversational tone and show your personality while working on search keywords specific to your audience (call to action) calls.

5- Remember success is not “online”
online legal marketing is not only promotion and traffic. The target is to involve a human level, people who call or go to their office and share your story. Of course, you want a filtering process to keep out the people who can not help them, but there is no substitute for connecting “people to people” starting line. From there, you can make a detailed analysis of the situation and how it can help (or not). As much as you display the type of man always connected with email, simply no substitute for conversation and exchange of dialogues.

Why contractor home improvement should work with a public insurance adjuster

A contractor home improvement want to work with a public insurance adjuster Once a home improvement contractor (“HIC”) comprises the benefits of working with an Adjuster, will always opt to have a close relationship with one, because the “PA” (public adjuster) dramatically increase business for the contractor at no additional cost to the contractor. There contractors, even knowing that the services of an adjuster are announced, as part of their business. For example, a local roofer going door to door flyers and ad offering a free home inspection to determine if you qualify for your new roof paid by your insurance company. The Public Insurance Adjuster will go out and do home inspections for potential claims, whether for the roof or not. The benefits of a contractor home improvement working with a public adjuster There are many benefits to contractors working with “PA” including; More customers – because homeowners can have the repairs paid by your insurance company contractor will have more customers. Picture of the increase in business when your customers do not have to go into your pocket to pay for repairs.Increased scope of work – a client can have an immediate problem as a leaking roof that has the money to. But if I had enough money for your home or business policy of insurance to repair or replace, and all damages caused by leaky roof, which would, of course, do the job. This gives the contractor a greater scope of work and more profits because of the bigger jobs. More effective marketing – in the example of the roofer handing out flyers offering a free home inspection ( to determine whether the insurance company will pay for damage roofer averages 50 calls a day from people who want to take advantage of the inspection. Of course, the answer depends on a number of factors such as the number of leaflets put out of the area and go in Whichever method of marketing, when a contractor chooses to work with a licensed public adjuster and use the profits in marketing they receive a higher return on their marketing dollars. Public Adjuster and contractor home improvement Of the above benefits many “improvement contractors become public insurance adjusters. Often discount rates for a service or the other to win the workplace. You’ll find this more often for large catastrophic losses such as fires and floods. There are companies that focus on the demands of lower daily amount consumers may not know are covered by their policies. For example, the tiles ceramic and wood floors, and any accidental discharge of water would normally be overlooked, but usually are covered claims by the insured.Regardless of the business model the “hic” can greatly benefit from working with a “PA”. Louis Jeffries is a certified and licensed Public Insurance Adjuster.

12 Tips to generate a good CV for marketers

A few days ago, when I tweet a phrase related to the lack of content and structure of curricula that I regularly at the agency, I read several comments / queries, especially chavas and youth, who asked me then how should prepare a resume attractive, to call my attention to consider it as a candidate for employment offered ?.

I started to think about it because I think it is very important because, as in my company, many others, are these documents discarded almost all of the time, with the obvious consequence that causes frustration and despair to the youth . I have always maintained that all university courses and in our case, the media, should have, if not a matter, at least a final work consisted of students prepare and submit your resume to their teachers and discuss their presentation and content comparing all classwork.I think the only way we can learn what the best style or model to do so.

What do I ask ?. “If I design a curriculum very elaborate, creative and bulky, Dept. HR nor valued and often not receive it. The vast majority of cases, the director of the company, the executive manager or creative are unattainable for them personally prepared Hulk. Now if I do a traditional document, “light” level of a single sheet, strip me less. “

And he’s right. But what would be the right answer?

I recently read a paragraph on the subject and that caught my attention and answer the previous question: “There is no perfect resume and a single model to do so. However, it is considered that a resume is the ideal when it leads directly to the realization of a job interview “

I believe there is no better explanation than the previous paragraph, to define how to consider that you have a good resume: when it leads directly to the realization of a job interview.

But what must contain the notorious document to take it into account?

I analyzed several that I have received and came to some conclusions from what has interested me (or failed to interest) of them (obviously, considering that our industry is an advertising agency, in other sectors or specialties others may be factors):

  1. No straw (do not put that in primary took medal of honor or in high were the escort), a common misconception is that the more information and larger the CV is better. When are direct and to the point is more easy to understand at first.
  2. They have no spelling errors. Please always check this out, if you are not well versed in the subject, who seek the review!
  3. They are well written I read almost almost like ad text.; consistent, good syntax, with structure and, above all, merchants!
  4. Name the file. When you save your CV, do not keep it with currículo.doc name or hans% v1.pdf. Who evaluates receive dozens of CV`s, when assessing the downloads still difficult to identify people or cases be replaced by another or having to open the file. I recommend you put it like this: Curriculo_Hans_Hatch.pdf
  5. With photo? This is a topic that always generates debate, as some say it is essential, others say no. For those which wish to please avoid IFE, photo holiday, wedding. That does not give good impression.
  6. . Highlight strengths and skills This is a very important factor; highlight the virtues and skills that fit the job.
  7. Creativity / Design. There are many ways to implement some creativity to herein without departing from the above parameters. What forms? Those yes, discover and implement corresponds to each person. No need to be a great designer, a CV in Word made this well structured itself makes you want to read it.
  8. Data. It is not necessary to put up the number of your professional license that what really later. With you put your full name, address where you live, phone and email is enough. Oh, and please put the mail consultations daily. I have already touched on cases that are commanded labor proposals and never responded because it is not using the mail. #fail
  9. To see if I can get into some area. No please! Do not put that. Resume writing perth identifies the area you’re interested or available. If you have not defined what you want to work, how do you expect the company to decide ?.
  10. Sending CV. If you send it by e-mail is not necessary to write like a letter to the president of one page within the e-mail body, but not a simple “send my CV”. A brief summary of your skills or you are looking is enough.
  11. What NOT to wear. The number of your CURP, IMSS, the cedula. Information or very old courses that have nothing to do with your area.
  12. Date of birth: Instead of putting the date of birth, place your age. It’s a minor detail but save time when it is evaluating and avoids having to do the math to know how old you are.

7 Ideas to improve your marketing strategy for your real estate agency

A good marketing strategy both online and face to face is one of the most important to improve the visibility and sales of assets estate agency . Notes seven tips:

  1. Start a newsletter or newsletter. It may take work and time, but it is very useful to reach out and connect with customers tool. The newsletter can focus on very local issues of interest to small business owners, parents or retirees. It is advisable not to focus on issues of national or provincial level, which will not affect close to the neighborhood. You can email or by regular mail.
  2. Send thank you notes written in your own handwriting . Do not just use the email … not replaced anywhere near personalized thank notes and handwritten. After each interview with a seller or a buyer is good to keep in touch, one way is to send notes thanking them for their time and offering a way to keep in touch.
  3. Become a little filmmaker . More and more individuals are using video to present your home for sale. Neither needs to be Martin Scorsese to have a decent camera, a basic editing software and know a little lighting. Make a guided ride home video can be more convincing than a series of still images. If the agent is a good storyteller, he can do it and so will pay less out of pocket.
  4. Sponsor a neighborhood youth team . Sponsoring local sports teams is a friendly and healthy way of publicizing the estate agency, besides gaining the sympathy of the community. You can also sponsor local theater groups, charitable activities, concerts … With modest financial support can achieve a lot.
  5. Be one of the leaders of the community . Each community has influential neighbors. Joining activities of community groups and not miss boards owners is one way, you can also go to all meals or snacks that are organized, lessons and tournaments paddle, join groups neighborhood watch, party seasonal pool, etc. No need to talk at all about it unless prompted. It will simply help you to have personal contact with the nearest neighbors, which will be easier to engage business and give good references.
  6. Writing articles to guide and advise prospective clients . Internet is the primary way of contact for prospective buyers and sellers. Writing articles on a personal blog, in local newspapers, newsletters lifestyle community or local magazines for parents can be reached in a close and healthy to potential customers. The themes can be targeted, for example, to help people looking for an industrial property, to family planning for couples with children, to find honeymoon villas in Mauritius … It will be a way to provide valuable information and advice every week and also, will demonstrate his skills as a professional.
  7. Closer to talk to people . If the agent spends his days sitting in the office waiting for the phone to ring probably come much later that if it comes to networking. Talk to the neighbors and start conversations help to make friends, customers and even learn a lot of business and life. Do not shy away from contact with people, a real estate agent is primarily a seller, do not be afraid!

Favorite team for ICC World Cup 2015

Finally, the long wait is almost over and people have started picking their teams. Some people go for their home nation while other goes for the favorite team for ICC world cup 2015. Usually, people grant their own team as favorites but the truth is a bit different. The game has gone to a higher level and competition is tough so it is very hard to call the game. No one knows which side the game turns and on what time it changes. The upsets are always hanging on the head in these types of competitions.

When we look at the teams competing, we will find that most of them are equally matched. There are two pools, Pool A, and Pool B, in which teams are placed. Each pool has equally strong teams and the teams that are yet on the road to establishing. The big guns like Pakistan, India, Australia, West Indies, South Africa, Sri Lanka, England etc are up against each other. In this situation, when each team has potential game changers that can take the game in their team’s way anytime, it is too hard to call for a winner. The teams are equally matched and we are looking forward to a good fight in all the matches. Any team that will take the game lightly will be in danger.

world cup


The favorite team for ICC world cup 2015 is a question that is unanswerable. The reason is each team has its own strength. There are teams that are comprised of fighters. Each team has its own strength. If one team is good with the bat, the other may have an edge in the bowling department. If one team is good at getting runs, the other may know how to stop runs. So each team comes with its own strength and their plans vary according to it. They make up the strategies to leave behind their opponents. They think for days and nights and practice for hours to achieve their goal. In this case, the one who work hard most and the one which will take the game seriously will have more chances of winning.

The fight is everything in modern day cricket and one which knows how to fight usually takes the game to their way. In the past, it has been observed that the teams which are not much favorite have managed to won just because they put up everything they had and fought till their last breath. Therefore asking for the favorite team for ICC world cup 2015 is like asking someone when this world will end. No one really knows what the outcomes are and what we will get to see on the match day. All people can do is make the prediction. The best way one can predict is simple. The team which does not loses hope and stay hopeful, which fight harder and leaves no stone unturned in their attempt of achieving the desired results will surely win their game. If a team loses even after giving everything they can offer, they are not considered as losers. Just hope that each game will contain fight and will give something to the spectators about which they can cheer.


Basic and practical tips to lose weight with Lipozene

It is no secret that overweight and obesity have become a serious public health problem in many countries. The world ranking places the United States and Mexico in the first and second of the countries with the highest percentage of obese population with 30 and 24% respectively.
According to Juliet Kakish, in the United States obesity is considered an epidemic that causes about 400,000 deaths annually and costs the US economy about $ 123 Billion dollars. But what we can do to remedy the problem?


Here we give some basic and practical advice for you to lose those extra kilos.

The first thing to understand is that obesity and weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than the body needs. It is estimated that the body requires 2,000 calories of Kamagra bei Potenzproblemen daily to perform its basic functions:

  • Read the labels containing nutritional information for each product to choose those with the least amount of calories per serving. • Try to consume products low in saturated fat, carbohydrates and sugars but high in protein. • It is recommended to chew each mouthful of Lipozene at least 10 times and eat slowly so that the fullness comes faster.


Stop ruminating by this obsession with your body

Women spend almost an hour a day dedicated to his image and this is usually first on the list of concerns of many.

The relationship between food and emotions

The foods you eat affect your emotions and behavior, the latter affect your relationship with food.

Healthy Eating Is For All

Basic and practical tips for Pastillas para Bajar de Peso Rapido

  • Long periods of time without eating is not recommended, therefore it is recommended to eat at least 5 times a day but small portions that do not exceed the total daily calories recommended by your nutritionist.This helps boost your metabolism and allow you to burn fat faster.
  • Exercise at least 4 times a week for at least 30 minutes per session.Check with your doctor and he will guide you best according to your health and fitness.
  • Eat foods low in sodium limiting salt intake. Approximately 70% of our body weight is water, therefore consume foods high in sodium causes we increase retain more fluids and weight.
  • Eat at least 2.5 to 3 liters of water per day limiting consumption of soda and sugary drinks. This helps eliminate toxins from our body.
  • Avoid eating foods full before bed, much less high-fat, carbohydrates and sugars.
  • Remember that the body is a perfect machine and does not require large amounts of fuel to work.
  • Consume preferably raw and fresh fruit on an empty stomach and not combine with any other food. Wait at least 20-30 minutes before eating any other food.

How to make sure your party guests have a good time

Throwing a birthday party and need to fill up balloons? Visit Party Hippo who have a range of helium gas cylinders which fill up to 50 balloons! Nobody wants to have a party where people get bored, or that is going wrong.  This guide will help you make a great party!






Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 1.jpg

When planning the guest list, be sure to send them an invitation, and politely, tell them not to talk of the party in front of people who are not invited. Nobody wants to hear that there is a party and who is not invited.



Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 2 Version 2.jpg

Do not plan the party minute by minute, and make a schedule. Having one activity after another can bore your guests, as well as the guests are teenagers, not even you will listen.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 3.jpg

Plans perhaps 2 or 3 events for the party. Prevents are followed one after another, and gives some prizes for the winners. Thus, the guests will have time to talk, and not get bored. Games like “Charades” or silly dances help the people involved in the party.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 4 Version 2.jpg

You do not have to serve much food. The holidays can be good with some snacks, some dinner and sweet. You do not have to put a table full of fried candy or lollipops.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 5.jpg

The best foods you can serve at a party are pieces of fruit, a bowl of chips and maybe a pizza for dinner. The hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches are also good alternatives.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 6.jpg

It is good to serve a drink for your guests not to dehydrate. Most teens do not really like water, flavored water they prefer. Try to put some bottles of flavored water, or you can also make lemonade or orange juice.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 7.jpg

Put the food in a place that is easily viewed. Put the chips in a bowl and glasses winged drinks. Make sure everything is in place before they reach your visitors.Nuts and chocolates are also a good option.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 8.jpg

Do not ignore your guests. Talk to them. If you are busy in your party is because you were not well prepared and your guests will feel ignored and that are not important. They went to YOUR party, they went to see you.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 9 Version 2.jpg

You do not have to be parting gifts. Just say goodbye cordially your guests when they have to go, and accompany them your self or your door. Wait until they start handling before returning to the party. Just saying “goodbye” and allow them to leave alone is very rude. If you want to give them something, look it’s not too expensive, you’ve spent a lot of other things.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 10 Version 2.jpg

Make sure your guests interact with each other. If you see someone alone, I present it with others.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 11.jpg

You can also move the furniture in the room for a dance floor. Can you put some music to dance in pairs for adults. If only teenagers, play music that everyone can recognize. The Rap or Hip Hop do not work very well unless there are many people who are fan of that kind of music. Songs like YMCA, or the Macarena can get everyone dancing.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 12 Version 2.jpg

The guests like to help as well. You can ask them to help serve the food, or put the music. You do not have to do all the work by yourself!


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 13 Version 2.jpg

Last but not least, enjoy! , that the party is, make sure your guests are also fun and your holiday will be memorable.


Make Sure Your Party Guests Have a Good Time Step 14 Version 2.jpg

Give your guests something of autonomy; okay there are certain rules, but your guests will not like that the limits on the number of blocks that are going to eat! .



Play some games at the start, let the guests know.

Unless your brothers and your parents are friends of your friends, ask them politely to be left alone during the party. Have your parents about can ruin the atmosphere, and your guests may feel uncomfortable.

If you have vegetarian guests, and you will serve meat eating, be sure to have something for them to eat well.

If some of your guests are celiac, in this case you should serve gluten free snacks for them.

How to promote a cleaning business

When you start a new cleaning business, the most important factor is to make customers help you make your business successful and profitable. The possibilities are endless prospects. There owners of residential houses that need a weekly cleaning for your home as well as schools, universities and businesses that require a service that comes to vacate the trash, clean rest areas, vacuuming or polishing the floors. The only question is how to promote so that those customers can find you.


  1. Woman cleaning the house.image by maron from


    Creates a one-page flyer describing your business and the services you offer. Provide your contact information and keep the short and concise wheel. Include your logo or any other related cleaning image to add visual interest. Hand out flyers mailing it to homes and businesses or places copies on doors in your town. Leave copies of the flyer in the bulletin board of your community in supermarkets, community centers and schools.

  2. Truck Signage image by J Cross from


    Invest in ads for your car to show your company name, logo and contact number or website. Advertising on your vehicle can be effective to promote your cleaning business while driving through the village and other drivers see your car in traffic. You can buy magnetic ads that stick to the side of the car or advertising specially designed for windows that can be displayed on the rear window of your car for all to see.

  3. angel “s t-shirt image by sminx from


    Sort promotional material for your business service company local print or mail. Use a T-shirt promoting your business wherever you go so that others begin to see the name of your business.

  4. newspaper image by Christopher Hall from


    Invest in traditional advertising in the newspaper. Place an ad in your local newspaper and periodically in neighboring villages. The newspaper advertising can be expensive, but still is an effective way to promote your business in your local area. Your customers will see your ad while reading the newspaper.

  5. 50 percent off image by Brent Walker from


    Offers promotions to new customers who have not hired your housekeeping. Dales for new customers a test with 50% off your first cleaned or create a catalog of gradual discount coupons for each cleaning of the first to fifth, and even beyond, if desired.Offers 10% discount on the first cleaned, 20% in the second and so on. Provides your existing customers a bonus for referring consisting of a discount on your next appointment or a free cleaning in exchange for a new customer you refer.

Tips for selling a home in a few weeks on the Internet

4 recommendations for successfully selling a home

Today Spain suffers a severe economic and real estate crisis, which makes many people do not know how to market your property.However, you should know that exists in the current housing market a good way to Sell my house fast nottingham , which is to proclaim estate ads in the network, specifically through International Real Estate Alliance . This company is known for being completely serious and responsible and has extensive experience in the real estate sector whose main objective is the dissemination and sale of properties.

Sell ​​my house

Not always easy to sell property and possibly you multiple questions and concerns arise if what you want is to approach the foreign market. For this reason, we give below some recommendations that will finally allow you to sell your home in a totally successfully.

Promote your property on the Internet

We recommend you acknowledge your property by all means you can, however one of the best ways and the cheapest is the internet.Especially, announcing your property through multiple real estate portals both nationally and internationally. This is because in this way you will have the opportunity to expand your target market and include not only persons residing in Spain, but also overseas market.

On the internet you can find countless websites, and online payments that provide a wide circulation, results and guarantees fully accredited by world-renowned companies such as the International Real Estate Alliance. This company is part of the prestigious IREA- Group IIA (International Real Estate International Real Estate Alliance and Alliance) which has associated more than 1000 real estate franchises around the world.

Post your ad on 1122 real estate portals

You can post your real estate at more than 1000 international real estate portals, specifically in 1122 websites. Plus, you can post them in countless languages ​​depending on the estate plan you are going to select. Also, you’ll have the advice of real estate professionals and online marketing who will ensure the best way to promote your home on the net.

Note that although’ll have expert help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the process of buying and selling your home is completely independent, ie you yourself can contact and communicate with your potential customers so that there are no international real estate brokers and should not pay any commission on the sale of your property.

Gives confidence to your potential buyers

Usually sell a home through the Internet presents enormous difficulties that they face daily Internet users fear of falling into some kind of scam or fraud. So possibly can meet with various cases in which property sellers do not offer all the details of your property or false.

In this sense, to prevent any problems like these, the international real estate company in order to provide greater confidence in your customers, you can offer a certificate of legitimacy of property that gives your prospective buyer, warranty you’re a reputable seller. In this way, your prospect will feel more relaxed when contacting you to buy your home.

Highlight your real estate ad

Bear in mind that your real estate is the first thing your potential customer sees so you can say that is the calling card of your property that will make your prospective buyer wants to or not knowing the property to sell. Therefore, when writing your CV you highlight those aspects is recommended that make your house is quite special.

You should describe in detail every area of ​​your property, citing its structure and each of its dimensions. It is also recommended that highlights other elements such as the location of the property and places of interest found in the area in which it is located.

Following these recommendations chances of selling a home are really high. So you have the possibility to make the sale of your property quickly and efficiently, especially with updated property you can publish international real estate company.

Marketing online for photographers

A few weeks ago we told you through our Facebook page we had spent a pleasant day Sunday giving a workshop on web visibility to a dozen photographers , mostly specialized inwedding reportage . Well, today we want to share with you some of the images that this group of professionals immortalized the moment.

The intention of the conference was to give them the necessary keys to strategize web visibility , but not any one, but that which best suits their business needs . It is in the end justuse the Internet well and make the most of all the tools at our disposal. Only then can weachieve our potential clients to locate on the Internet, without much effort, our products or services .

It is clear that each sector is different and requires a specific approach that must be taken into account. Thus, a photographer will not use the same tools as an online boutique or a law firm.Therefore, this workshop had a special interest to his assistants, because he only talked about how to work the visibility of a professional sector in particular .

We want to thank Patricia Bara ( , Oier Aso , Aitor Audicana , Kepa López , Daniel Gonzalez ,Angel Conde , Asier Up, Pilar Toro , Iván Pérez and Asier Ramirez . You were excellent students.

We leave you with the photographs you we promised. Meanwhile we continue working on more workshops.

workshop for photographers.  Section on social media and content marketing


Photographers in the workshop positioning


SEO for photographers


Photographer in the workshop web visibility

Marketing strategies for gyms

If we look at the TV commercials that are broadcast today, we see that most of them have in common two things:

• Focus on communicating benefits, much more than describe the characteristics of the product. Because they know that consumers do not buy features, but the benefits that a product can bring.

• Focus on seduction and emotion. Advertising must uncover “box feelings” of our target audience. COMMUNICATING EMOTIONS = = SELL. Most companies have realized that to stand out over the competition, the key is to build close relationships with your prospects.

Neuromarketing Recent studies that analyze the behavior of the brain in the buying process, have found that consumers’ attention is not captured by rational argument but through images that excite. In this publicity wave companies have entered different sectors: food, clothing, financial services, hospitality, automotive, tourism, etc.

As Belén López explains in his book Emotional Advertising: “Why is the image used in advertising Beckham, Ronaldinho, Nadal and many other athletes? Because these arouse emotions that we all share; remind us that we can achieve our goals more difficult they may seem. The media idols are facilitators of dreams. Within each individual lives a winner for active advertising that cause the public to identify. “

If we are clear that we do advertise our club and our services should arouse feelings in consumers, the next step is to analyze how sensitive fiber can play that and get to the emotions. For this you meet a new character named Sabone, and we clearly describes why customers buy:

• S: security: money back guarantee if I am not satisfied, proven in achieving objectives, physical and hygienic safety.
• A: affection possibility of establishing personal relationships with other clients, good relationships with the staff of the club, feel heard and understood.
• B: well: both general (health, energy, happiness), and at the level of utilization of the service (convenience and ease of use, speed, simplicity).
• O: proudly brand prestige, status, membership in an elite group.
• N: new: modern design, latest model, latest technology, new service or product that no one else has yet.
• E: economy, money, profitability, payback.

The factor “economy” is always present in any act of purchase, but buying a mobile is a restrictor. We all like to buy “good price”. Although we have financial constraints, we try to buy at the best price possible and even respond to offers of products not just because we feel we need to be “good value”.

Studies in other sectors, it was found that 73 percent of people buy products you do not need, simply because they perceive a good price / quality. When making a purchase that consumers considered “good”, he feels happy and have the feeling that you are saving money.

It’s worth remembering that what motivates a person to choose a gym or another is usually not the price, but aspects that have to do with proximity (welfare), recommendations from partners (security) or the environment (pride, welfare or affection). But not all individuals buy for the same reasons.

Therefore it is very important that the sales staff knows the club to find out at the beginning of the sales process the mobile purchase every potential customer knows and highlight aspects of the club they represent a solution tailored to that person.

Today consumers choose based on emotional criteria. For this reason it is very important to understand that we do not sell gyms, otherwise healthy people, fit, happy. As Santiago Rodriguez says in his book Creativity in Direct Marketing, “do not sell shoes, you have to sell pretty feet”.

What should we communicate?

The message that will be used must be clear, brief and easily understood. We need to develop the ability to uncover the box FEELINGS of our target audience to achieve a high response.


We have 2 to 3 seconds to impact our client and get their attention. That will be the first time that we will spend. If we fail in that time, we will have missed an opportunity.

To excite the recipient of our advertising, we communicate 1-3 advantages or benefits you receive because of us.

The information must be penetrated by the sense of sight, so we have to know how to choose the colors, typography, headlines and images to use to achieve the desired effect. Remember it is better to show a happy person doing physical exercise, rather than an image of the club.

In this regard, note that it is much better to communicate BENEFITS SERVICES. That is, it is preferable to emphasize concepts such as health, welfare, reduce fat percentage, quality of life, rather than enumerate: 2 meeting directed activities, indoor cycling, fitness, sauna, etc.

A simple and effective trick: hook or urgency
One way to get an immediate response to an advertising campaign is to use a hook (discount, gift, etc.), but with “expiration date”. Namely, we get the customer note the urgency to close the purchase on their first visit to the gym.

When a potential customer comes into our facility to learn that you have received our advertising, it has already done the hard part. We must be aware that if you have decided to come is because he is interested, but that interest and desire to start decay within 24-72 hours. For this reason it is essential that your salespeople are able to create that sense of urgency to close the sale (date of expiry, limited number of seats, etc.).

Different strategies to get the message
One of the most complex aspects of direct marketing is to capture the attention of people who might be interested in our service. All of us are bombarded daily by hundreds of advertisements. To avoid having to manage all this information in mind, we’re pretty impervious to most of these posts.

Only those who are able to capture our attention very quickly get through that filter that we have to protect ourselves. The rest bounces on that layer without that motivate us to action.

Here are several things to consider:

• Using more channels direct communication and less saturated. Sorry, email and SMS can be more effective than other media.
• Use original formats. A leaflet deposited in the mailbox may not arrive or leave the portal. However, a “hanging” on the latch of his door has already passed that first hurdle.
• Use quality materials. A brochure on low quality paper invites to be thrown away, but to access a card or a gift certificate club has a tendency to go into the pocket.
• Proper use of color and location of the photos and text in the message are also aspects to consider and have already been studied.
• Begin the message with a phrase or striking image, that sparks the interest or curiosity, it is also one of the keys to help you read our message.
• Emotional messages are usually more effective than those merely descriptive or technical. Therefore, it is desirable to use an emotional statement at the beginning and put inside the technical descriptions necessary.
• Within these emotional aspects, “benefits” that you will get should be highlighted, as well as “savings” in price that can be obtained. This last point should be evaluated thoroughly beforehand, since a steep discount could have a negative effect on the brand of the club.
• Experience has shown us that if we combine different communication channels, the result is better. Although we think that some of these channels is not effective, the effect of “noise” generated between them, is part of the success of the campaign.
• Viral Marketing, ie use existing customers to recommend us and bring new stakeholders, is one of the most used methods that work best in our industry.

Ideas to capture the customer NO

Sedentary people spend much of their free to “go out with friends” time, what they consider entertainment “movies, reading, music” or “rest”. People who do sport outside gyms do it for “fun” and “being with friends”, besides wanting to improve their Expert Personal rehab trainer in Sarasota and Longboat.

Then while attending gyms who want to get fit, those who want to have fun, socialize and improve their health are looking for other alternatives in the market. These alternatives are precisely the main competition of sports clubs in capturing these consumers.

How can we attract that group of people looking to have fun, socialize or improve your health? For turning the club into a place where everything that can happen and then communicating it properly to the outside. Definitely have to give consumers more reasons to come. So they can have fun, socialize, read, listen to music, playing video games and even learn to cook, while doing exercises.

How can we attract new customers to the club? The answer is clear, doing things differently. If we want to attract a new audience profile have to reinvent the club. Our purpose is not only to improve the physical condition of people. We must dare to make an offer of disparate services and be transgressors.

To achieve this we can use elements of leisure from other sectors and recognize once we’re in the entertainment business, we compete for the customer’s time with other offers – such as movies, TV, reading, video games, bowling, go cycling with friends, etc., and also played the lead, as the client using our services, and entertain and meet people, can simultaneously improve their quality of life.

(*) Consultant. Manager of Wellness & Sport Consulting.-



unnamed (2)

Last night and surprise news broke:  WhatsApp updated application and “finally” came the long awaited double check blue to confirm that our messages have been read. News that has caused quite a stir, even to make WhatsApp on trending topic all day on Twitter.

The fact is that not everyone is happy with this new “option”. And frame option in quotes, because as many of you have found,can not be deactivated , so we have to swallow, or yes, the mandates of the “all-powerful” WhatsApp .

unnamed (3)

We have not posted anything this morning in reference to the application, because to me,  as an editor, I would like to know the opinion of my fellow Droid Panic and many of my friends . As I also spent the morning flipping through the first impressions of people on social networks on the above update. The issue is very clear, the reaction of the people has not been good , even to read opinions like: “It is a violation of privacy” or “what have we so controlled mania” . My opinion, shared by the other editors of this humble blog, is similar to what I’ve read. Personally, I think it is a step backwards rather than a utility that really violates our privacy. What has helped us to require, for so long, the power to hide our online status? Because you have to say is of little use to hide our last connection if our interlocutor knows what time we read messages . Personally, I think it is an attack on the right of users to hide their connections.


So important is to know when they have read your message? The people who worry excessively about the privacy of others, a two, or that your life is very sad and has to watch others or have much free time miss seeing past connections. Maybe you’re stopped at a light and it gives you time to read the message, but not respond. Or why not the same is that we do not want to answer, who knows ….

I think WhatsApp should backpedal and at least allow to disable that option. It is an attack on the privacy of people in the making. You can not allow an application to the world reveal certain information, that as the rightful owners of it , should be able to choose whether or not to show it.


I really do not know if it can even be illegal, but it is an aspect that WhatsApp should reconsider. We can not allow certain information to flow freely at the expense of whatever. See the case of Facebook, the current owner of the application and it seems to want to move policy of the social network to the ultimate messaging application. Here we use Droid Panic Telegramlong, for your safety, privacy and to be used in the comfort of your PC , something that download whatsapp for pc owners can not boast.

And you, what do you have on that? Do you think it really violates our right to privacy? Please give us a “like” and your opinion below or on any of our social networks.

Electrolux launches a line of vacuum cleaners at Walmart Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO – (Marketwire – March 1, 2012) - Electrolux Home Care Products Canada is expanding its partnership with Walmart by adding four models of portable vacuums at Walmart stores in Canada. Starting tomorrow, the handheld Rapido MC , the top rated vacuums for pet hair Ergorapido 2 in 1 MC , the Nimble MC and UltraActive MC Turbo will be available in Walmart stores across Canada.

The range of portable vacuums Electrolux includes a hand vacuum, a vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner combined hand for quick and the new Nimble upright vacuum and the vacuum-truck bagless UltraActive for more thorough cleaning pickups.

“Our growing partnership with Walmart allows us to offer consumers even more ways to get our innovative, stylish and functional products at competitive prices,” said Paul Jeffrey, marketing manager at Electrolux Home Care Products Canada. “The leadership of Walmart on the Canadian retail market represents an excellent opportunity to strengthen its position Electrolux trusted brand among Canadian consumers. “

The relationship dates back to Walmart in-store launch of portable vacuums Eureka. Portable vacuum cleaners currently available in Walmart stores in Canada include the vacuum cleaner Wireless 2-in-1 Quick Up ®, the upright vacuum AirSpeed®, the lightweight upright vacuum and the vacuum AirSpeed® Zuum carriage Rally2 MC .

The launch will be supported by displays on shelves in selected across the country as well as through advertisements in flyers Walmart stores. In addition, Electrolux products offered will be posted on the website of Walmart Canada.

About Electrolux Home Care Products – EHCP

Electrolux is a global leader in the industry of household appliances and appliances for professional use selling each year more than 40 million products to customers in more than 150 markets. The company develops innovations that are thoughtfully designed, based on extensive consumer insight, to meet the real needs of consumers and professionals. Electrolux products include refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners and cookers sold under esteemed brands such as Electrolux, AEG-Electrolux, BEAM, Eureka and Frigidaire. In 2010, Forbes Magazine named Electrolux as one of the top five global companies in the sector of consumer durables and one of the world’s top performing 130 companies. For more information, go to: .

Finding the right accountant: seven ways to avoid making a costly choice

Choosing an accountant for your small business sydney may not be as important as choosing a spouse, but is very close. The right accountant can do much more to prepare their annual tax returns. The right person can assist you with advice on management decisions for the development of your company, for payroll management and even personal investments. The wrong person can cost you money, it can cause problems with the IRS, or cause you to lose significant tax savings to access oportundad. Here are seven tips to help you find the best accountant for you and your company: Do a thorough search .Gordon W. McNamee, a CPA in Upland, California, suggests looking for recommendations of professionals whose services you already use, such as bankers, BAS Agent services or lawyers, or from BAS Agent service in chatswood who work in the same business line. “My accountant was recommended by a corporate lawyer,” says the entrepreneur De’Andre Salter. “They approached me with instant credibility because it had been recommended a lawyer who has a good reputation.” Check the credentials of the candidate . Navin Sethi, a CPA Rothstein Kass in Walnut Creek, California, emphasizes the importance of checking the credentials of any applicant you are evaluating. “Some people who work as Irenas Bookkeeper or accountants have no formal license or education in the field of accounting,” Sethi said. Verify references . Please contact the board of accountancy of their status and membership organizations, says Sheila Taylor, CPA and president of the Dallas-based National Association of Black Accountants . “If the counter is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants , CPA state society, and / or the National Association of Black Accountants, maybe you can get referrals. ” Make sure you feel comfortable with your accountant . Genevia Gee Fulbright, senior adviser on tax matters of the National Association of Black Accountants, highlights the importance of chemistry between you and your accountant. “Make sure you have clear goals for your business and your accountant understands the potential,” says Fulbright. Seek the right kind of experience . A wide variety of items available for CPA. Some work within specific industries;others prefer to work with individuals or companies with high purchasing power. “It’s important to work with an accountant familiar with tax laws applicable to their situation,” says McNamee. Assess special needs . If you have unusual financial problems, you should find an accountant with specialized training or experience. “If you need an audit of your company could be useful additional such designations as a Certified Fraud Examiner CFE, “says Fulbright. issue not to implement a change . Despite their best efforts, perhaps you find yourself working with an accountant who is not right for you or your company. The problem could range from incompetence to a simple case of bad chemistry. Whatever the reason, you should not hesitate to seek a replacement. A counter is too important to your success as you make concessions. 

How to choose a digital marketing agency

More than once exchanging cards 021 at an event comes out the comment, “is that my nephew has made ​​me the web”, “the fellow wearing the blog”, “a guy who likes to tinker on the Internet leads Facebook “… I do not know if I purposely say to measure your patience or many have agreed. The truth is that you should not trust your company’s communication shift because the kid knows tinker on the Internet or be a Facebook fan. The fact that you know to use a typewriter does not make you a writer. With Facebook is the same, because you know use Facebook does not mean you know communicating, know your competition, optimize your channels or go to your potential customers.

If you’re reading this article is because problablemente start to give notice that it may be worth leaving your enterprise communication industry professional people to take care of delivering your message. It is therefore important to choose a Digital Marketing agency that suits your needs, your resources and make you gain time.

7 tips for choosing a digital marketing agency

1. Portfolio

First I recommend you look for an agency that has in the portfolio examples that fit what you need. That is, if you have a law firm or a restaurant, it is best to go to a specialized sector agency, as experience counts for a lot and will save time in explaining what the priorities and technical language of buffet or restaurant are.

Once in your portfolio, looking for examples of similar projects so you can see how they have developed their communication and thus get an idea of the graphic solutions implemented campaigns for his style. Note the quantity and quality of their customers. It is not the same as having the experience of working for a large hotel in the deli on the corner. Not to mention, if you have no portfolio.


Two. Experience

One way to see the level of knowledge and professionalism is the agency having read your corporate blog. Look at the number of tickets you have and the level of interaction. From the blog you should find useful and valuable content that gives you a little light to your needs. From the blog should be clear that they know what they are talking and especially they like.


Three. Reputation and Presence

In-house shoemaker stick. To choose an agency Digital Marketing is interesting to see the level of influence and interaction with the online environment. I mean, would you trust your FanPage communication to an agency that has no likes on Facebook? On the other hand, if the agency promises you 2000 likes on Facebook per month, look how many likes they have. The agency should be an example image that sells. Your web and social networks should be your best sales pitch.


April. Crew

In a Digital Marketing agency usually work people with knowledge of advertising, digital strategy, web design and development, responsive web, managing social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+, Pinterest … etc.), web copywriting or web content, graphic design, SEO and SEM strategies and online analytics.


May. Offices

Best Digital Marketing agency does not necessarily have to have a fabulous offices; in fact, if you have such fantastic offices probably see it reflected in the budget. However, it is clear that if you serve in the lobby of a hotel or in a cute bar and never invite you to their offices, mmmmmm! Something will happen.


6. Flexibility

Today, one of the factors most striking are the payment options, financing or adaptability of the agency’s resources which can provide the client.


7. Perceptions

Before hiring the agency, I would recommend you meet them and you let out a little by the perception that you have passed. Are proactive or wait your directions? At the end of the day, if your agency better be sure you get a good feeling, because you will see very often and the fluidity and good communication is very important.

I hope these little tips can give you an idea of how to choose a digital marketing agency that is well suited to your needs and is the team of professionals who need to make the services or products your business reach the right audience.


I hope I’ve been helpful

Expand our network of contacts in Linkedin

Dr. Mark B.

Independant Consultant – Foreign Trade and International Marketing

I found a group of Linkedin in a very professional way to increase our Argent Global Network of contacts. To do this, simply must respond to this message if you are interested in receiving an invitation to members of this group. So we are more effective in the group know what professionals want to receive an invitation and accept it.

My experience with Android 4.4.3

At last he came to our Nexus (and other models) that little update, despite not bring significant changes, many were waiting for the one reason or another.

deliriosfrik_logo_android443I will relate my personal experience. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you look, all the problems that have occurred, I’ve only had one and in moderation. Grateful to all nexus (or that you have tested this version) users have experienced some problems to recount her experience with this update. To give you an idea, this article from The Free Android do a review of the improvements and updates to Android 4.4.3 .

The only problem I’ve really had, have been cuts 3G (returning to work after a few seconds), although not very often. Since upgrading their number has decreased a lot, but still there. The problem is not resolved, but there is a clear improvement.

deliriosfriki_nocionesbas_1Now, as to improvements in the camera include focus speed and confidence. Is quite noticeable when taking the photo. Although close still some problems to focus what we want. Anyway, always good finger exercise. You have to see the positive side of everything. Another of the best apparently are image processing and HDR mode. What can I say, I see it all the same. And now the battery consumption of the camera which many complained (in that I was very lucky). The update has fixed this problem to them most, but not all (and read this forum). What I have noticed is an increased consumption of camera battery in general, especially if left open. I would recommend going to the recent app demo video and remove it from there if you’re not going to use it very often. If you do not know what I mean, take a look at this post about it.

deliriosfriki_aplicaciones_GNLauncher1In theory, have also improved Google Now Launcher , making it more fluid. Here I put poker face. I’ve always gone well, great. I have never suffered from lag and Flash is dying of envy. Do not complain, drooling with Batman belt. And your car. And his bike. And his plane. And your home. I would not mind him drool … Ahem. As I was saying, the Launcher it works even better. Is assumed.

deliriosfriki_aplicaciones_telefonoThis update has also brought us a wash in the Phone application, also known as Dialer (at this rate we will end up having tea in the afternoon instead of the nap). As you can see from the picture, it has become very blancurrio. Remains as easy and intuitive. They’ve added some enhancements to ease More Info. Hala, searching.

deliriosfriki_bateriaFinally and most importantly for many, would be the battery life in general. These days I’ve been giving more cane to the Nexus, and some days are better than others. Keep in mind that I’m using the engine ART (before and after the update), and regularly use Google Now , Dropbox and Google+ for backups of photos, syncs various and messaging asWhastapp or Line (and how people talk to god). On average I would say that lasts about 30 minutes longer than before. With whatever you use, just get down to two hours of screen.Now, normally I reach two and a half hours and even a day to three (hopefully that will repeat). So I would say that there has been an improvement in the management and battery consumption. But as always, it depends mainly on what we do with the devices and applications we use. Photo Apps and games consume a lot. We must be realistic about it. Incidentally, Google+ continues sucking fucking too.

And that’s it (come on, now I have to Bugs Bunny in the head) to Android 4.4.3 as KitKat. If you have time, you get bored or I feel like it, I like to know your experience with this update either here on the blog or on any social network.


Updated 6/28/14

A few days after writing this post, without touching or install anything, overnight battery consumption desparó, namely the system itself. I also noticed a more intense when using applications overheating. Why now when at first it was a blast! Namely. I decided to go back to Dalvik, and the situation improved slightly but still hold as much.

That happened to me with the Nexus 5. Nexus For July 2013, yes there was also an increased battery consumption, but without suffering the overheating so worrying.

Now just be waiting for Android 4.4.4 to solve part of the OpenSSL security flaw also correct the exorbitant consumption of battery and other small bugs.

I will update this post as soon as a few days try the 4.4.4. I’m still waiting tsss.


Hardwood Timber Decking Ideas in Brisbane

Residents of Brisbane, Australia are using hardwood timber decking to transform their back or front yards into something they never thought of before by extending the natural extension of their interior living spaces to the outdoors. Decking makes it possible to have a great looking and enjoyable outdoor area where you can get entertained or where you can grab a cup of your favorite coffee while enjoying a book or a paper. Hardwood decking is mainly designed from various kinds of hardwoods which include Jarrah, Imported Merbau and Iron Barak, all of which can be obtained in different thickness and widths.

Other than providing exceptional levels of beauty, timber decking can also be used for a wide range of other chores which include as a pool surround, extending space into a steep side of the building where it could not be usable. Also, timber decking can be used to cover certain areas of your home which doesn’t seem to be attractive or can as well be used to provide some privacy from other people who live in the neighborhoods. Add a pergola to your decking and you will have something which you can use the year round. Other purposes or areas which hardwood decks can be used include:

  • Turf paving
  • Creating fantastic garden architecture
  • Providing diverse landscaping solutions
  • Renovating spaces at home

Here are five awesome hardwood timber decking ideas in Brisbane which can be adopted by home owners.

1. Party on-the-deck

This idea aims at creating a deck which captures a view, creates a pretty comfortable outdoor room that adds to the feeling of spaciousness to the home through blurring the space separating the interiors and the exterior parts of the house. The hardwood decks are partly sheltered and acts as a connection between a family living room and a patio. It’s a great choice of hardwood timber decking that suits any size or style of a house.

2. Taming an incline or slope

Accroding to,if the land where your house is situated is sloping downhill, installing a deck on the space can help transform it into a smart, gorgeous and inviting one. The edge of the deck can be raised by between 15 and 24 feet as it notches gently down the hill. A wall that is positioned on the lower side does not only help in holding the lower side in place, but also serves as a bench.


  1. Small home-solution

This idea works marvelously well for people who have small homes and who would like to make the most from their remaining outdoor space. The timber hardwood deck can be used to create an area for outdoor retreat and a three step transition to the backyard or front yard garden.

  1. Front yard-entry deck

The idea here is to create a three level hardwood timber deck that connects to two houses, separated by a pool or water. To help make the deck look great, tropical accessories can be added and the final result can be amazing.


  1. Room with fantastic view


This hardwood timber deck idea is great for those who own small houses and who would really love to have another small home with amazing living spaces added to the existing one. Concrete steps can be positioned to help make moving out of the deck an easy thing to do. This can be followed by creating a resting or hangout space in the granite rocks that are positioned a few steps below.


How to prolong the life of the deck


There are many great ways that can be used to preserve the hardwood timber decking and among them include:

  • Coating all the sides of the timber before you start installing it. This will assist to minimise cupping and splitting.
  • Use high quality oils that have been proven to deliver good looking results.
  • The deck should be thoroughly cleaned once a year and a maintenance coat applied. This will help in keeping the deck looking good forever.




Hardwood timber decking and landscape architects melbourne provides a great way for those who want to extend the great looks of their interiors to the exteriors. There are many ideas which you can implement and to be able to make the most appropriate choices with regard to decking ideas, you have to work with reputable and experienced timber merchants. The decking ideas and advice which they will provide you will go a long way in making luxury outdoor entertainment a reality for you. Choose a hardwood timber decking idea that matches your home and you will notice the difference.