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How to promote a cleaning business

When you start a new cleaning business, the most important factor is to make customers help you make your business successful and profitable. The possibilities are endless prospects. There owners of residential houses that need a weekly cleaning for your home as well as schools, universities and businesses that require a service that comes to vacate the trash, clean rest areas, vacuuming or polishing the floors. The only question is how to promote your cleaning services toronto so that those customers can find you.


  1. Woman cleaning the house.image by maron from

    Creates a one-page flyer describing your business and the services you offer. Provide your contact information and keep the short and concise wheel. Include your logo or any other related cleaning image to add visual interest. Hand out flyers mailing it to homes and businesses or places copies on doors in your town. Leave copies of the flyer in the bulletin board of your community in supermarkets, community centers and schools.

  2. Truck Signage image by J Cross from

    Invest in ads for your car to show your company name, logo and contact number or website. Advertising on your vehicle can be effective to promote your cleaning business while driving through the village and other drivers see your car in traffic. You can buy magnetic ads that stick to the side of the car or advertising specially designed for windows that can be displayed on the rear window of your car for all to see.

  3. angel “s t-shirt image by sminx from

    Sort promotional material for your business service company local print or mail. Use a T-shirt promoting your business wherever you go so that others begin to see the name of your business.

  4. newspaper image by Christopher Hall from

    Invest in traditional advertising in the newspaper. Place an ad in your local newspaper and periodically in neighboring villages. The newspaper advertising can be expensive, but still is an effective way to promote your business in your local area. Your customers will see your ad while reading the newspaper.

  5. 50 percent off image by Brent Walker from

    Offers promotions to new customers who have not hired your housekeeping. Dales for new customers a test with 50% off your first cleaned or create a catalog of gradual discount coupons for each cleaning of the first to fifth, and even beyond, if desired.Offers 10% discount on the first cleaned, 20% in the second and so on. Provides your existing customers a bonus for referring consisting of a discount on your next appointment or a free cleaning in exchange for a new customer you refer.

Tips for selling a home in a few weeks on the Internet

4 recommendations for successfully selling a home

Today Spain suffers a severe economic and real estate crisis, which makes many people do not know how to market your property.However, you should know that exists in the current housing market a good way to Sell my house fast nottingham , which is to proclaim estate ads in the network, specifically through International Real Estate Alliance . This company is known for being completely serious and responsible and has extensive experience in the real estate sector whose main objective is the dissemination and sale of properties.

Sell ​​my house

Not always easy to sell property and possibly you multiple questions and concerns arise if what you want is to approach the foreign market. For this reason, we give below some recommendations that will finally allow you to sell your home in a totally successfully.

Promote your property on the Internet

We recommend you acknowledge your property by all means you can, however one of the best ways and the cheapest is the internet.Especially, announcing your property through multiple real estate portals both nationally and internationally. This is because in this way you will have the opportunity to expand your target market and include not only persons residing in Spain, but also overseas market.

On the internet you can find countless websites, and online payments that provide a wide circulation, results and guarantees fully accredited by world-renowned companies such as the International Real Estate Alliance. This company is part of the prestigious IREA- Group IIA (International Real Estate International Real Estate Alliance and Alliance) which has associated more than 1000 real estate franchises around the world.

Post your ad on 1122 real estate portals

You can post your real estate at more than 1000 international real estate portals, specifically in 1122 websites. Plus, you can post them in countless languages ​​depending on the estate plan you are going to select. Also, you’ll have the advice of real estate professionals and online marketing who will ensure the best way to promote your home on the net.

Note that although’ll have expert help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the process of buying and selling your home is completely independent, ie you yourself can contact and communicate with your potential customers so that there are no international real estate brokers and should not pay any commission on the sale of your property.

Gives confidence to your potential buyers

Usually sell a home through the Internet presents enormous difficulties that they face daily Internet users fear of falling into some kind of scam or fraud. So possibly can meet with various cases in which property sellers do not offer all the details of your property or false.

In this sense, to prevent any problems like these, the international real estate company in order to provide greater confidence in your customers, you can offer a certificate of legitimacy of property that gives your prospective buyer, warranty you’re a reputable seller. In this way, your prospect will feel more relaxed when contacting you to buy your home.

Highlight your real estate ad

Bear in mind that your real estate is the first thing your potential customer sees so you can say that is the calling card of your property that will make your prospective buyer wants to or not knowing the property to sell. Therefore, when writing your CV you highlight those aspects is recommended that make your house is quite special.

You should describe in detail every area of ​​your property, citing its structure and each of its dimensions. It is also recommended that highlights other elements such as the location of the property and places of interest found in the area in which it is located.

Following these recommendations chances of selling a home are really high. So you have the possibility to make the sale of your property quickly and efficiently, especially with updated property you can publish international real estate company.

Marketing online for photographers

A few weeks ago we told you through our Facebook page we had spent a pleasant day Sunday giving a workshop on web visibility to a dozen photographers , mostly specialized inwedding reportage . Well, today we want to share with you some of the images that this group of professionals immortalized the moment.

The intention of the conference was to give them the necessary keys to strategize web visibility , but not any one, but that which best suits their business needs . It is in the end justuse the Internet well and make the most of all the tools at our disposal. Only then can weachieve our potential clients to locate on the Internet, without much effort, our products or services .

It is clear that each sector is different and requires a specific approach that must be taken into account. Thus, a photographer will not use the same tools as an online boutique or a law firm.Therefore, this workshop had a special interest to his assistants, because he only talked about how to work the visibility of a professional sector in particular .

We want to thank Patricia Bara ( , Oier Aso , Aitor Audicana , Kepa López , Daniel Gonzalez ,Angel Conde , Asier Up, Pilar Toro , Iván Pérez and Asier Ramirez . You were excellent students.

We leave you with the photographs you we promised. Meanwhile we continue working on more workshops.

workshop for photographers.  Section on social media and content marketing


Photographers in the workshop positioning


SEO for photographers


Photographer in the workshop web visibility

Marketing strategies for gyms

If we look at the TV commercials that are broadcast today, we see that most of them have in common two things:

• Focus on communicating benefits, much more than describe the characteristics of the product. Because they know that consumers do not buy features, but the benefits that a product can bring.

• Focus on seduction and emotion. Advertising must uncover “box feelings” of our target audience. COMMUNICATING EMOTIONS = = SELL. Most companies have realized that to stand out over the competition, the key is to build close relationships with your prospects.

Neuromarketing Recent studies that analyze the behavior of the brain in the buying process, have found that consumers’ attention is not captured by rational argument but through images that excite. In this publicity wave companies have entered different sectors: food, clothing, financial services, hospitality, automotive, tourism, etc.

As Belén López explains in his book Emotional Advertising: “Why is the image used in advertising Beckham, Ronaldinho, Nadal and many other athletes? Because these arouse emotions that we all share; remind us that we can achieve our goals more difficult they may seem. The media idols are facilitators of dreams. Within each individual lives a winner for active advertising that cause the public to identify. “

If we are clear that we do advertise our club and our services should arouse feelings in consumers, the next step is to analyze how sensitive fiber can play that and get to the emotions. For this you meet a new character named Sabone, and we clearly describes why customers buy:

• S: security: money back guarantee if I am not satisfied, proven in achieving objectives, physical and hygienic safety.
• A: affection possibility of establishing personal relationships with other clients, good relationships with the staff of the club, feel heard and understood.
• B: well: both general (health, energy, happiness), and at the level of utilization of the service (convenience and ease of use, speed, simplicity).
• O: proudly brand prestige, status, membership in an elite group.
• N: new: modern design, latest model, latest technology, new service or product that no one else has yet.
• E: economy, money, profitability, payback.

The factor “economy” is always present in any act of purchase, but buying a mobile is a restrictor. We all like to buy “good price”. Although we have financial constraints, we try to buy at the best price possible and even respond to offers of products not just because we feel we need to be “good value”.

Studies in other sectors, it was found that 73 percent of people buy products you do not need, simply because they perceive a good price / quality. When making a purchase that consumers considered “good”, he feels happy and have the feeling that you are saving money.

It’s worth remembering that what motivates a person to choose a gym or another is usually not the price, but aspects that have to do with proximity (welfare), recommendations from partners (security) or the environment (pride, welfare or affection). But not all individuals buy for the same reasons.

Therefore it is very important that the sales staff knows the club to find out at the beginning of the sales process the mobile purchase every potential customer knows and highlight aspects of the club they represent a solution tailored to that person.

Today consumers choose based on emotional criteria. For this reason it is very important to understand that we do not sell gyms, otherwise healthy people, fit, happy. As Santiago Rodriguez says in his book Creativity in Direct Marketing, “do not sell shoes, you have to sell pretty feet”.

What should we communicate?

The message that will be used must be clear, brief and easily understood. We need to develop the ability to uncover the box FEELINGS of our target audience to achieve a high response.


We have 2 to 3 seconds to impact our client and get their attention. That will be the first time that we will spend. If we fail in that time, we will have missed an opportunity.

To excite the recipient of our advertising, we communicate 1-3 advantages or benefits you receive because of us.

The information must be penetrated by the sense of sight, so we have to know how to choose the colors, typography, headlines and images to use to achieve the desired effect. Remember it is better to show a happy person doing physical exercise, rather than an image of the club.

In this regard, note that it is much better to communicate BENEFITS SERVICES. That is, it is preferable to emphasize concepts such as health, welfare, reduce fat percentage, quality of life, rather than enumerate: 2 meeting directed activities, indoor cycling, fitness, sauna, etc.

A simple and effective trick: hook or urgency
One way to get an immediate response to an advertising campaign is to use a hook (discount, gift, etc.), but with “expiration date”. Namely, we get the customer note the urgency to close the purchase on their first visit to the gym.

When a potential customer comes into our facility to learn that you have received our advertising, it has already done the hard part. We must be aware that if you have decided to come is because he is interested, but that interest and desire to start decay within 24-72 hours. For this reason it is essential that your salespeople are able to create that sense of urgency to close the sale (date of expiry, limited number of seats, etc.).

Different strategies to get the message
One of the most complex aspects of direct marketing is to capture the attention of people who might be interested in our service. All of us are bombarded daily by hundreds of advertisements. To avoid having to manage all this information in mind, we’re pretty impervious to most of these posts.

Only those who are able to capture our attention very quickly get through that filter that we have to protect ourselves. The rest bounces on that layer without that motivate us to action.

Here are several things to consider:

• Using more channels direct communication and less saturated. Sorry, email and SMS can be more effective than other media.
• Use original formats. A leaflet deposited in the mailbox may not arrive or leave the portal. However, a “hanging” on the latch of his door has already passed that first hurdle.
• Use quality materials. A brochure on low quality paper invites to be thrown away, but to access a card or a gift certificate club has a tendency to go into the pocket.
• Proper use of color and location of the photos and text in the message are also aspects to consider and have already been studied.
• Begin the message with a phrase or striking image, that sparks the interest or curiosity, it is also one of the keys to help you read our message.
• Emotional messages are usually more effective than those merely descriptive or technical. Therefore, it is desirable to use an emotional statement at the beginning and put inside the technical descriptions necessary.
• Within these emotional aspects, “benefits” that you will get should be highlighted, as well as “savings” in price that can be obtained. This last point should be evaluated thoroughly beforehand, since a steep discount could have a negative effect on the brand of the club.
• Experience has shown us that if we combine different communication channels, the result is better. Although we think that some of these channels is not effective, the effect of “noise” generated between them, is part of the success of the campaign.
• Viral Marketing, ie use existing customers to recommend us and bring new stakeholders, is one of the most used methods that work best in our industry.

Ideas to capture the customer NO

Sedentary people spend much of their free to “go out with friends” time, what they consider entertainment “movies, reading, music” or “rest”. People who do sport outside gyms do it for “fun” and “being with friends”, besides wanting to improve their Expert Personal rehab trainer in Sarasota and Longboat.

Then while attending gyms who want to get fit, those who want to have fun, socialize and improve their health are looking for other alternatives in the market. These alternatives are precisely the main competition of sports clubs in capturing these consumers.

How can we attract that group of people looking to have fun, socialize or improve your health? For turning the club into a place where everything that can happen and then communicating it properly to the outside. Definitely have to give consumers more reasons to come. So they can have fun, socialize, read, listen to music, playing video games and even learn to cook, while doing exercises.

How can we attract new customers to the club? The answer is clear, doing things differently. If we want to attract a new audience profile have to reinvent the club. Our purpose is not only to improve the physical condition of people. We must dare to make an offer of disparate services and be transgressors.

To achieve this we can use elements of leisure from other sectors and recognize once we’re in the entertainment business, we compete for the customer’s time with other offers – such as movies, TV, reading, video games, bowling, go cycling with friends, etc., and also played the lead, as the client using our services, and entertain and meet people, can simultaneously improve their quality of life.

(*) Consultant. Manager of Wellness & Sport Consulting.-



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Last night and surprise news broke:  WhatsApp updated application and “finally” came the long awaited double check blue to confirm that our messages have been read. News that has caused quite a stir, even to make WhatsApp on trending topic all day on Twitter.

The fact is that not everyone is happy with this new “option”. And frame option in quotes, because as many of you have found,can not be deactivated , so we have to swallow, or yes, the mandates of the “all-powerful” WhatsApp .

unnamed (3)

We have not posted anything this morning in reference to the application, because to me,  as an editor, I would like to know the opinion of my fellow Droid Panic and many of my friends . As I also spent the morning flipping through the first impressions of people on social networks on the above update. The issue is very clear, the reaction of the people has not been good , even to read opinions like: “It is a violation of privacy” or “what have we so controlled mania” . My opinion, shared by the other editors of this humble blog, is similar to what I’ve read. Personally, I think it is a step backwards rather than a utility that really violates our privacy. What has helped us to require, for so long, the power to hide our online status? Because you have to say is of little use to hide our last connection if our interlocutor knows what time we read messages . Personally, I think it is an attack on the right of users to hide their connections.


So important is to know when they have read your message? The people who worry excessively about the privacy of others, a two, or that your life is very sad and has to watch others or have much free time miss seeing past connections. Maybe you’re stopped at a light and it gives you time to read the message, but not respond. Or why not the same is that we do not want to answer, who knows ….

I think WhatsApp should backpedal and at least allow to disable that option. It is an attack on the privacy of people in the making. You can not allow an application to the world reveal certain information, that as the rightful owners of it , should be able to choose whether or not to show it.


I really do not know if it can even be illegal, but it is an aspect that WhatsApp should reconsider. We can not allow certain information to flow freely at the expense of whatever. See the case of Facebook, the current owner of the application and it seems to want to move policy of the social network to the ultimate messaging application. Here we use Droid Panic Telegramlong, for your safety, privacy and to be used in the comfort of your PC , something that download whatsapp for pc owners can not boast.

And you, what do you have on that? Do you think it really violates our right to privacy? Please give us a “like” and your opinion below or on any of our social networks.

Electrolux launches a line of vacuum cleaners at Walmart Canada

TORONTO, ONTARIO – (Marketwire – March 1, 2012) - Electrolux Home Care Products Canada is expanding its partnership with Walmart by adding four models of portable vacuums at Walmart stores in Canada. Starting tomorrow, the handheld Rapido MC , the top rated vacuums for pet hair Ergorapido 2 in 1 MC , the Nimble MC and UltraActive MC Turbo will be available in Walmart stores across Canada.

The range of portable vacuums Electrolux includes a hand vacuum, a vacuum cleaner and vacuum cleaner combined hand for quick and the new Nimble upright vacuum and the vacuum-truck bagless UltraActive for more thorough cleaning pickups.

“Our growing partnership with Walmart allows us to offer consumers even more ways to get our innovative, stylish and functional products at competitive prices,” said Paul Jeffrey, marketing manager at Electrolux Home Care Products Canada. “The leadership of Walmart on the Canadian retail market represents an excellent opportunity to strengthen its position Electrolux trusted brand among Canadian consumers. “

The relationship dates back to Walmart in-store launch of portable vacuums Eureka. Portable vacuum cleaners currently available in Walmart stores in Canada include the vacuum cleaner Wireless 2-in-1 Quick Up ®, the upright vacuum AirSpeed®, the lightweight upright vacuum and the vacuum AirSpeed® Zuum carriage Rally2 MC .

The launch will be supported by displays on shelves in selected across the country as well as through advertisements in flyers Walmart stores. In addition, Electrolux products offered will be posted on the website of Walmart Canada.

About Electrolux Home Care Products – EHCP

Electrolux is a global leader in the industry of household appliances and appliances for professional use selling each year more than 40 million products to customers in more than 150 markets. The company develops innovations that are thoughtfully designed, based on extensive consumer insight, to meet the real needs of consumers and professionals. Electrolux products include refrigerators, dishwashers, washers and dryers, vacuum cleaners and cookers sold under esteemed brands such as Electrolux, AEG-Electrolux, BEAM, Eureka and Frigidaire. In 2010, Forbes Magazine named Electrolux as one of the top five global companies in the sector of consumer durables and one of the world’s top performing 130 companies. For more information, go to: .

Finding the right accountant: seven ways to avoid making a costly choice

Choosing an accountant for your small business sydney may not be as important as choosing a spouse, but is very close. The right accountant can do much more to prepare their annual tax returns. The right person can assist you with advice on management decisions for the development of your company, for payroll management and even personal investments. The wrong person can cost you money, it can cause problems with the IRS, or cause you to lose significant tax savings to access oportundad. Here are seven tips to help you find the best accountant for you and your company: Do a thorough search .Gordon W. McNamee, a CPA in Upland, California, suggests looking for recommendations of professionals whose services you already use, such as bankers, BAS Agent services or lawyers, or from BAS Agent service in chatswood who work in the same business line. “My accountant was recommended by a corporate lawyer,” says the entrepreneur De’Andre Salter. “They approached me with instant credibility because it had been recommended a lawyer who has a good reputation.” Check the credentials of the candidate . Navin Sethi, a CPA Rothstein Kass in Walnut Creek, California, emphasizes the importance of checking the credentials of any applicant you are evaluating. “Some people who work as bookkeepers or accountants have no formal license or education in the field of accounting,” Sethi said. Verify references . Please contact the board of accountancy of their status and membership organizations, says Sheila Taylor, CPA and president of the Dallas-based National Association of Black Accountants . “If the counter is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants , CPA state society, and / or the National Association of Black Accountants, maybe you can get referrals. ” Make sure you feel comfortable with your accountant . Genevia Gee Fulbright, senior adviser on tax matters of the National Association of Black Accountants, highlights the importance of chemistry between you and your accountant. “Make sure you have clear goals for your business and your accountant understands the potential,” says Fulbright. Seek the right kind of experience . A wide variety of items available for CPA. Some work within specific industries;others prefer to work with individuals or companies with high purchasing power. “It’s important to work with an accountant familiar with tax laws applicable to their situation,” says McNamee. Assess special needs . If you have unusual financial problems, you should find an accountant with specialized training or experience. “If you need an audit of your company could be useful additional such designations as a Certified Fraud Examiner CFE, “says Fulbright. issue not to implement a change . Despite their best efforts, perhaps you find yourself working with an accountant who is not right for you or your company. The problem could range from incompetence to a simple case of bad chemistry. Whatever the reason, you should not hesitate to seek a replacement. A counter is too important to your success as you make concessions. 

How to choose a digital marketing agency

More than once exchanging cards 021 at an event comes out the comment, “is that my nephew has made ​​me the web”, “the fellow wearing the blog”, “a guy who likes to tinker on the Internet leads Facebook “… I do not know if I purposely say to measure your patience or many have agreed. The truth is that you should not trust your company’s communication shift because the kid knows tinker on the Internet or be a Facebook fan. The fact that you know to use a typewriter does not make you a writer. With Facebook is the same, because you know use Facebook does not mean you know communicating, know your competition, optimize your channels or go to your potential customers.

If you’re reading this article is because problablemente start to give notice that it may be worth leaving your enterprise communication industry professional people to take care of delivering your message. It is therefore important to choose a Digital Marketing agency that suits your needs, your resources and make you gain time.

7 tips for choosing a digital marketing agency

1. Portfolio

First I recommend you look for an agency that has in the portfolio examples that fit what you need. That is, if you have a law firm or a restaurant, it is best to go to a specialized sector agency, as experience counts for a lot and will save time in explaining what the priorities and technical language of buffet or restaurant are.

Once in your portfolio, looking for examples of similar projects so you can see how they have developed their communication and thus get an idea of the graphic solutions implemented campaigns for his style. Note the quantity and quality of their customers. It is not the same as having the experience of working for a large hotel in the deli on the corner. Not to mention, if you have no portfolio.


Two. Experience

One way to see the level of knowledge and professionalism is the agency having read your corporate blog. Look at the number of tickets you have and the level of interaction. From the blog you should find useful and valuable content that gives you a little light to your needs. From the blog should be clear that they know what they are talking and especially they like.


Three. Reputation and Presence

In-house shoemaker stick. To choose an agency Digital Marketing is interesting to see the level of influence and interaction with the online environment. I mean, would you trust your FanPage communication to an agency that has no likes on Facebook? On the other hand, if the agency promises you 2000 likes on Facebook per month, look how many likes they have. The agency should be an example image that sells. Your web and social networks should be your best sales pitch.


April. Crew

In a Digital Marketing agency usually work people with knowledge of advertising, digital strategy, web design and development, responsive web, managing social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+, Pinterest … etc.), web copywriting or web content, graphic design, SEO and SEM strategies and online analytics.


May. Offices

Best Digital Marketing agency does not necessarily have to have a fabulous offices; in fact, if you have such fantastic offices probably see it reflected in the budget. However, it is clear that if you serve in the lobby of a hotel or in a cute bar and never invite you to their offices, mmmmmm! Something will happen.


6. Flexibility

Today, one of the factors most striking are the payment options, financing or adaptability of the agency’s resources which can provide the client.


7. Perceptions

Before hiring the agency, I would recommend you meet them and you let out a little by the perception that you have passed. Are proactive or wait your directions? At the end of the day, if your agency better be sure you get a good feeling, because you will see very often and the fluidity and good communication is very important.

I hope these little tips can give you an idea of how to choose a digital marketing agency that is well suited to your needs and is the team of professionals who need to make the services or products your business reach the right audience.


I hope I’ve been helpful

Expand our network of contacts in Linkedin

Dr. Mark B.

Independant Consultant – Foreign Trade and International Marketing

I found a group of Linkedin in a very professional way to increase our Argent Global Network of contacts. To do this, simply must respond to this message if you are interested in receiving an invitation to members of this group. So we are more effective in the group know what professionals want to receive an invitation and accept it.

My experience with Android 4.4.3

At last he came to our Nexus (and other models) that little update, despite not bring significant changes, many were waiting for the one reason or another.

deliriosfrik_logo_android443I will relate my personal experience. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you look, all the problems that have occurred, I’ve only had one and in moderation. Grateful to all nexus (or that you have tested this version) users have experienced some problems to recount her experience with this update. To give you an idea, this article from The Free Android do a review of the improvements and updates to Android 4.4.3 .

The only problem I’ve really had, have been cuts 3G (returning to work after a few seconds), although not very often. Since upgrading their number has decreased a lot, but still there. The problem is not resolved, but there is a clear improvement.

deliriosfriki_nocionesbas_1Now, as to improvements in the camera include focus speed and confidence. Is quite noticeable when taking the photo. Although close still some problems to focus what we want. Anyway, always good finger exercise. You have to see the positive side of everything. Another of the best apparently are image processing and HDR mode. What can I say, I see it all the same. And now the battery consumption of the camera which many complained (in that I was very lucky). The update has fixed this problem to them most, but not all (and read this forum). What I have noticed is an increased consumption of camera battery in general, especially if left open. I would recommend going to the recent app demo video and remove it from there if you’re not going to use it very often. If you do not know what I mean, take a look at this post about it.

deliriosfriki_aplicaciones_GNLauncher1In theory, have also improved Google Now Launcher , making it more fluid. Here I put poker face. I’ve always gone well, great. I have never suffered from lag and Flash is dying of envy. Do not complain, drooling with Batman belt. And your car. And his bike. And his plane. And your home. I would not mind him drool … Ahem. As I was saying, the Launcher it works even better. Is assumed.

deliriosfriki_aplicaciones_telefonoThis update has also brought us a wash in the Phone application, also known as Dialer (at this rate we will end up having tea in the afternoon instead of the nap). As you can see from the picture, it has become very blancurrio. Remains as easy and intuitive. They’ve added some enhancements to ease More Info. Hala, searching.

deliriosfriki_bateriaFinally and most importantly for many, would be the battery life in general. These days I’ve been giving more cane to the Nexus, and some days are better than others. Keep in mind that I’m using the engine ART (before and after the update), and regularly use Google Now , Dropbox and Google+ for backups of photos, syncs various and messaging asWhastapp or Line (and how people talk to god). On average I would say that lasts about 30 minutes longer than before. With whatever you use, just get down to two hours of screen.Now, normally I reach two and a half hours and even a day to three (hopefully that will repeat). So I would say that there has been an improvement in the management and battery consumption. But as always, it depends mainly on what we do with the devices and applications we use. Photo Apps and games consume a lot. We must be realistic about it. Incidentally, Google+ continues sucking fucking too.

And that’s it (come on, now I have to Bugs Bunny in the head) to Android 4.4.3 as KitKat. If you have time, you get bored or I feel like it, I like to know your experience with this update either here on the blog or on any social network.


Updated 6/28/14

A few days after writing this post, without touching or install anything, overnight battery consumption desparó, namely the system itself. I also noticed a more intense when using applications overheating. Why now when at first it was a blast! Namely. I decided to go back to Dalvik, and the situation improved slightly but still hold as much.

That happened to me with the Nexus 5. Nexus For July 2013, yes there was also an increased battery consumption, but without suffering the overheating so worrying.

Now just be waiting for Android 4.4.4 to solve part of the OpenSSL security flaw also correct the exorbitant consumption of battery and other small bugs.

I will update this post as soon as a few days try the 4.4.4. I’m still waiting tsss.