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My experience with a 29-inch bike

A few months ago we did a review of the advantages and disadvantages of 29-inch wheels , the famous 29er bikes . And I finally decided I did with one of them. Now I’ve been testing it a few outings, I can speak knowingly.

Almost everything you read about the bikes with 29 inch wheels is consistent with my experience: tumbleweed and a bike very fast but somewhat unwieldy when the terrain gets tricky. But there are nuances and depends on many things. Above all, you will like this bike will depend on how you are as a biker.

What I liked about the 29er’s

Undoubtedly one of the things I liked most is the ability tumbleweed bike with these wheels. If you used to go out wide roads without many obstacles, greenway type, notice how the inertia of the wheels rolling improves. Not that the bike go alone, but it is something you notice and gives too many chances.

Another important point is the ease with which “swallows” small bumps or ruts. By having a larger perimeter, it becomes easier to go through them, barely noticing such obstacles. At first even tended to loosen up a bit to pass these obstacles but with the passage of the outputs is gained confidence on the descents .

Although less functional, the aesthetic issue also caught my attention. I am what can be considered a medium-high rider (1.90 cm) and the bike with these 29-inch wheels and geometry make it look great, as some would say, “a little horse,” which comes perfect . I felt pretty comfortable on the bike.

Some factors that play against 29 “wheels

If you had to highlight a point against, at least in my experience, would be very difficult to handle twisty trails and complicated. Due to the larger perimeter and radius of the wheel is somewhat less manageable when we need very precise movements on narrow paths or avoiding obstacles.

On descents I have not noticed much, but in narrow climbs steeply and where I needed to go dodging stones, more than once I had to set foot on land. Nor is it to be a very skilled biker, but I have noticed that a bigger wheel carries a somewhat more complicated operation if it gets ugly.

In my case, a weight gain bigger wheels does not mean much problem. My box is aluminum and not seek to minimize the maximum weight. Yes it shows something more weight and having to break the inertia as I said earlier on the climbs, especially when we were in neutral and must be started again.

Is it worth buying a 29er?

According to best hybrid bike reviews, always speaking from my experience, yes worth a 29er, especially if you do tours without much technical difficulty and you like to shoot and make miles down the mountain. To me it was well worth it for me much that kind of use I’m doing.

Bikes 29 “certainly are prevailing in the market. Many say it is just a trend, it’s no better or worse than other reviewers have come to stay. I honestly think that today we have some variety with bikes 26 “, 29″ and it seems increasingly 27.5 “ , so everyone can choose depending on their physical characteristics, type of riding and hiking to perform.

Without hesitation, I would advise a bike 29 “or 27.5″ , after having tried it now I notice a little weird with a 26 “. But more importantly, before becoming a test it is because every biker is different and have different feelings with one or the other.

My experience with Android 4.4.3

At last he came to our Nexus (and other models) that little update, despite not bring significant changes, many were waiting for the one reason or another.

deliriosfrik_logo_android443I will relate my personal experience. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending how you look, all the problems that have occurred, I’ve only had one and in moderation. Grateful to all nexus (or that you have tested this version) users have experienced some problems to recount her experience with this update. To give you an idea, this article from The Free Android do a review of the improvements and updates to Android 4.4.3 .

The only problem I’ve really had, have been cuts 3G (returning to work after a few seconds), although not very often. Since upgrading their number has decreased a lot, but still there. The problem is not resolved, but there is a clear improvement.

deliriosfriki_nocionesbas_1Now, as to improvements in the camera include focus speed and confidence. Is quite noticeable when taking the photo. Although close still some problems to focus what we want. Anyway, always good finger exercise. You have to see the positive side of everything. Another of the best apparently are image processing and HDR mode. What can I say, I see it all the same. And now the battery consumption of the camera which many complained (in that I was very lucky). The update has fixed this problem to them most, but not all (and read this forum). What I have noticed is an increased consumption of camera battery in general, especially if left open. I would recommend going to the recent app demo video and remove it from there if you’re not going to use it very often. If you do not know what I mean, take a look at this post about it.

deliriosfriki_aplicaciones_GNLauncher1In theory, have also improved Google Now Launcher , making it more fluid. Here I put poker face. I’ve always gone well, great. I have never suffered from lag and Flash is dying of envy. Do not complain, drooling with Batman belt. And your car. And his bike. And his plane. And your home. I would not mind him drool … Ahem. As I was saying, the Launcher it works even better. Is assumed.

deliriosfriki_aplicaciones_telefonoThis update has also brought us a wash in the Phone application, also known as Dialer (at this rate we will end up having tea in the afternoon instead of the nap). As you can see from the picture, it has become very blancurrio. Remains as easy and intuitive. They’ve added some enhancements to ease More Info. Hala, searching.

deliriosfriki_bateriaFinally and most importantly for many, would be the battery life in general. These days I’ve been giving more cane to the Nexus, and some days are better than others. Keep in mind that I’m using the engine ART (before and after the update), and regularly use Google Now , Dropbox and Google+ for backups of photos, syncs various and messaging asWhastapp or Line (and how people talk to god). On average I would say that lasts about 30 minutes longer than before. With whatever you use, just get down to two hours of screen.Now, normally I reach two and a half hours and even a day to three (hopefully that will repeat). So I would say that there has been an improvement in the management and battery consumption. But as always, it depends mainly on what we do with the devices and applications we use. Photo Apps and games consume a lot. We must be realistic about it. Incidentally, Google+ continues sucking fucking too.

And that’s it (come on, now I have to Bugs Bunny in the head) to Android 4.4.3 as KitKat. If you have time, you get bored or I feel like it, I like to know your experience with this update either here on the blog or on any social network.


Updated 6/28/14

A few days after writing this post, without touching or install anything, overnight battery consumption desparó, namely the system itself. I also noticed a more intense when using applications overheating. Why now when at first it was a blast! Namely. I decided to go back to Dalvik, and the situation improved slightly but still hold as much.

That happened to me with the Nexus 5. Nexus For July 2013, yes there was also an increased battery consumption, but without suffering the overheating so worrying.

Now just be waiting for Android 4.4.4 to solve part of the OpenSSL security flaw also correct the exorbitant consumption of battery and other small bugs.

I will update this post as soon as a few days try the 4.4.4. I’m still waiting tsss.


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